What customers want, in a simple graphical interface

Surveys, service calls, social media contain customers’ opinions, expectations, desires and frustrations.

Advanced real-time visualizations make it easy to identify problems and issues. Anyone can explore patterns and themes in what customers are saying.

Over 250 languages and dialects

Understand customer needs

All languages have specific and rich rules for recognizing conversational topics. With Text & Speech analytics, you can analyze the content of all customer expressions to get a clear view of the customer’s voice.

Convert voice to intelligence

Audio recording represents a critical business insight. It can be transcribed by the latest Artificial Intelligence model to enable extreme accuracy in speech recognition.
Customer analytics

Visualize big data from customers’ words

All direct and indirect feedback is categorized and turned into Text & Speech analytics. You can easily monitor customer needs in real time and implement improvements in your business strategy.

Key features


Simple query interface

Apply real-time filters to select more targeted insights. Filtering instantly updates the view to visually explore feedback.


Easily use state-of-the-art Natural Language Process models to understand and analyze customer conversations while working near perfection.

Best analysis techniques

Build relationships within text using frequency, repetition, co-occurrence, and correlation of words and phrases.

Rich language rules

Set up synonyms and words that shouldn’t appear and resolve natural human ambiguity by giving it context.

Secure sharing

The team can access customer insights on a permission-based basis. All data is always protected by the best technology.

Easy export

Use customer insights to visualize scenarios, export relevant data to a file, or use it to train or validate AI algorithms.
#1 European Voice of the Customer solution

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Trend & insights

Don’t forget to connect past, present and future data to convert feedback into critical business insights.


The power of artificial intelligence will give you the possibility to understand your customer sentiment through complex analysis.
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