Put your customers at the heart of your business improvements

Implement an advanced dashboarding system to fully understand your customers, enabling both strategic and tactical decision making and creating tangible business improvements.

Use visualization, interactive controls, markdown, drill-down and other features to produce customized dashboards. Allow all your employees to switch between multiple charts and functions to develop appropriate analysis.

New business intelligence support

Get rich insights in real time

Access information traditionally associated with BI platforms to produce a comprehensive and powerful customer intelligence resource. Present crucial customer data in flexible, detailed, role-based dashboards and create live presentations to highlight KPIs.
Granular details and actionable projections

Expand visibility into insights

Create dashboards and reports that speak directly and responsively to internal operations and business strategy, and have the freedom to choose how you shape your data with interactive visualizations.
End-to-end process

Get a 360 degree view

Understand how customer sentiment affects ROI and connect money and data to key aspects of the customer journey.

Key features

Interactive charts

Drag and drop fields, dynamically zoom in and out of certain subsets of data, and see immediate previews as your data takes shape.

Threshold-based alerts

Create and edit alerts based on thresholds and send emails or notifications on Slack.


Infuse your brand and style into your data history with logos, colors, and design elements that are unique to you.

Brilliantly secure

Advanced user access and controls to invite your team members into certain spaces and not others, giving them access to specific content and features.

Powerful UI

Many visualization panels ready for live expression of your data: area, stacked area, bar, stacked bar, line, cake, donut, treemap.

Opportunity detection

The machine learning feature of sandsiv+ advanced visualization tool helps you detect anomalies, even those hidden in your data.
#1 European Voice of the Customer solution

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Learn everything you need to know about how this feature evolves your customer experience and get on board with your new customer intelligence platform.
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Potent alone

Invincible together

Text & speech

Unstructured text is transformed into structured data to build your customer experience strategy.


The power of artificial intelligence will give you the possibility to understand your customer sentiment through complex analysis.
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