Capture real-time feedback, understand your customers

Structure the perfect survey and present it through the channels you want: Web, SMS, Whatsapp, IVR, phone, email, chatbots, Messengers.

Learn how to use customer reactions as a key to building stronger relationships with your customers and discovering new ways to optimize your product.

Easily gather feedback

Reduce your effort

Enhance your feedback strategy with flexible technology that gathers reactions across multiple channels through unlimited surveys.
Real-time connection

Expand your customer knowledge

Capture responses at any touchpoint to build an advanced business strategy and discover the path to success directly from the voice of your customers.
Flexibility & customization

Get easy but effective surveys

Make your survey more fun by customizing it with your company’s design and logo and choosing from +250 languages the one you prefer.

Key features

Easy collecting

Collect feedback through an easy and intuitive platform that will allow everyone in the company to structure a survey with a wide range of question options.

Quickly react

You can monitor detractors with real-time alerts to react quickly and find a solution before problems become unmanageable.

Performance analysis

Track the performance of your surveys and monitor your KPIs to enable continuous improvement of your feedback strategy.

Avoid survey fatigue

Scheduling and monitoring to optimize your contact strategy while avoiding an overload of customer interaction.

Multichannel survey

Choose from websites, SMS, WhatsApp, IVR, email, Messenger and many other options based on your company’s needs.


Create engaging surveys that your customers will be happy to answer – a custom chatbot that will interact with your customer and ask your questions.
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Potent alone

Invincible together

Trends & insights

Don’t forget to connect past, present and future data to convert feedback into critical business insights.

Inner loop

Take another step, set up your loop closure strategy to solve any case in real time.
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