Make omni-channel feedback a part of your daily operations

SandSIV’s next generation Voice of the Customer (VOC) enterprise platform enables world leading organisations to gather superior customer intelligence that directly contributes to increased operational efficiency, helps accelerate business performance and provides measurable impact on revenues and the bottom-line.


Integrated, end-to-end Customer Experience (CX) Platform

Analyse customers’ cumulative experience across multiple touchpoints, multiple channels, and over time – manage the cross-functional, end-to-end experience that shapes the customer’s view of your business.


“Using the enterprise SaaS solution from SandSIV, organisations are able to receive multi-source and omni-channel input from clients, analyse and categorise the information by issue and sentiment, and take deep dive analysis to uncover root cause or correlations among entities, issues or circumstances.”

Dr. Leslie Ament, Hypatia Research Group LLC, USA

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