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Instead of spending hours analyzing data, let sandsiv+ predictive analytics handle the workload. Focus on making smart decisions and measuring success, while our AI-powered platform elevates your business.

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sandsiv+ is considered the innovation leader in Europe. This means it guarantees you keep up with evolving trends and consistently gain a competitive edge through advanced and reliable AI solutions, designed to use AI to make our customers’ lives easier.
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Continuous Improvement

Our AI evolves to meet market trends and customer expectations, delivering cutting-edge insights at every step of the journey

Customization and Modularity

sandsiv+ offers tailored AI integration, adapting to your unique needs and objectives. You get exactly what you need.

Human Expertise

Combining advanced AI with personalized support, we ensure the perfect blend of technology and human expertise to enhance your customer experience.

AI Technology Explained

sandsiv+ for large enterprises

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Turn your unstructured feedback into a predictable source of business growth. Explore the latest AI releases of sandsiv+.
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Security and Privacy

Our robust data security measures are designed to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with industry standards.
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Abhishek Dubey | Analyst
Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
A notable aspect of the sandsiv+ platform is its integration of generative AI technology that enhances the platform’s capabilities by automating routine tasks that were traditionally handled by humans. For instance, generative AI facilitates automated dashboard creation, conversational surveys, and recommendations for next best actions. This integration not only reduces the total cost of ownership but also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of VoC initiatives.
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