Driven by your customer

Collect all customer data in one place and turn it into actionable insights.

Enable anyone in the company to develop basic, advanced and predictive analytics giving you the ability to prevent problems and develop complex business insights to drive your new products.

Data-driven approach

Measure custom categories

Understand the status quo of customer satisfaction in different categories to make data-driven improvements in different areas of your business.
Big data explained simply

Unlock the meaning of feedbacks

Turn feedback into actionable insights: attitudinal, behavioral and market insights will be available together in real time.
Opportunities for action

Enable actions and predictive analytics

Understand trends before they take off: use all possible insights to prevent customer needs from becoming problematic issues.
Abhishek Dubey | Analyst
Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
sandsiv+ also leverages predictive analytics to help clients stay ahead of market trends and customer needs. Their expertise in this area enables businesses to foresee and respond to future trends effectively.

Key features

Big data analytics

Data science will finally be available to everyone: no-code AI makes data understandable to all your employees.


Create a holistic view of each customer’s satisfaction and value potential that can be acted upon in near real time.

Predictive techniques

Use feedback to predict customer behavior and build clear business cases for CX improvement.


Connect all your channels and sources to implement comprehensive insights analysis.

All in one place

All analytics will be collected in one place to unify data and understand the customer journey.

Business results

Through a comprehensive and intuitive view you can directly link insights to business outcomes.
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A deep-dive on sandsiv+

Learn everything you need to know about how this feature evolves your customer experience and get on board with your new customer intelligence platform.
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Potent alone

Invincible together

Outer loop

You can go deeper and learn from your customers how to make impactful organizational changes and structural optimization.


Quick resolution actions. Don’t stop there, stay tuned to real-time alerts and prepare for an immediate reaction stream.
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