Uncover hidden data

Get a holistic view of the customer including personal and demographic, engagement, behavioral, transactional data in a single platform.

Enhance your dataset with inferred data and guide your strategic choices using not only direct and indirect feedback but also the silent actions of your customers.

Your digital tools together

Take insights from customer actions

Complement your customer listening by integrating the data you already have and understand your customers’ most hidden voice.
No more incomplete data sets

Know your customers like no one else

Understand your customer’s choices using data from all the touchpoints your customer has used. Don’t miss anything due to time or channel.
Rich information

Complete and improve your strategy

Inject the inferred voice of the customer into your company’s most strategic decision: define patterns from all of your customer’s actions, anticipate behaviors, and identify CX opportunities and problems.

Key features

Integrate your tools

Collect data from all your touch points by integrating CRM, website experience and call center interactions.

Monitor all your KPIs

Integrate and track everything you want: clickthroughs, transactions, purchases, time on page and cart abandonment.

Fast as lightning

Connect your tools with a single click and create a single end-to-end repository for your customer data.

Security first

Safeguard your data by choosing a VoC solution built for superior security and reliability.

Easy to use

Structure forecasts and analytics through an intuitive platform and easily implement any changes.

Centralized intelligence

All data will be available together, in a centralized tool that will provide you with insights to accelerate your desired business results.
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Learn everything you need to know about how this feature evolves your customer experience and get on board with your new customer intelligence platform.
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Potent alone

Invincible together


Get real-time customer feedback on all channels and make them happy to give you the information you need.

Social & review

Real-time analysis of social media and review sites: find meaning in relationships of people, topics, ideas, and content.
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