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Protect you and your customers

The security of your data will be completely safeguarded through an innovative and guaranteed system.
Enhanced services

Exceed customer expectations

Analyze your customers’ habits to provide them with new and updated services, allowing you to create better upsell streams.
Customer focus

Be omnichannel, be consistent

Give your customers intuitive channels to enforce self-service capabilities and allow them to choose how they relate to you.
Head Of User Experience
Cembra Money Bank
We were looking for a solution that helps our fintech company innovate its approach to feedback collections and avoid survey fatigue. sandsiv+ is a full solution that improves the quality of our service, protecting data integrity.

Hit the mark with sandsiv+

Customer data in a safe

GDPR compliant server in Zurich, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO22301 certifications mean you can trust sandsiv+.

Personalized services

Discover your customers’ spending patterns to create personalized offers and boost your cross-selling and up-selling strategy.

Claim process for all

The thought of going through a complaint process is enough to put the fear into a customer: create a quick and easy procedure.

Innovative as a fintech upstart

Reliable as a business, innovative as a startup. Evolve all digital initiatives by giving your customers a strong, personalized customer experience.

Single customer view

Connect systems and processes to build an effective customer focus strategy with a growing role for digital channels and CRM.

Finance for Millennials & Gen-Z

Learn how to speak phygital and create a financial service that can be fast and engaging to meet the needs of Millennials & Gen-Z even before they understand them.
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