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Ever wondered how to keep your website visitors engaged and happy? How to make user research easy, recruit the right people, and engage them in minutes?

The answer lies in continuous feedback collection. Your customers crave the chance to share their thoughts. Whether it’s quick ratings or detailed opinions, sandsiv+ orchestrates feedback seamlessly, mirroring your website’s structure for easy navigation.

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The secret of UX

Is your website struggling to capture the essence of user satisfaction? Picture this: potential customers navigating your site, facing hurdles, and silently abandoning ship. The frustration of an unresponsive design leads to missed opportunities, as well as poor KPI results. Uncover the secret to enhancing your website’s user experience through strategic digital interceptions.

Save the day with sandsiv+

Our solution integrates feedback collection into your site’s DNA, unlocking valuable insights to transform those frowns into smiles. sandsiv+ strategically intercepts user interactions, and allows you to understand specific challenges within your website’s user experience. Improve your website UX and address issues promptly to enhance the overall website experience.
Improve website UX

Address customer challenges


Forget feedback complexity
Businesses often struggle with the complexity of collecting and managing feedback seamlessly across various website sections. sandsiv+ steps in to simplify this process, collecting precise feedback to identify and understand specific challenges within your website’s user experience.
Translating insights into action
Understanding feedback is one thing; turning it into actionable insights is another challenge. sandsiv+ not only gathers data but also presents it in effective dashboards, empowering businesses to drive action based on real data
Address issues promptly
Gain instant insights into user pain points as sandsiv+ delivers real-time feedback, allowing you to address issues promptly, improve your website metrics, and enhance the user experience.
Targeted optimization
Armed with valuable data, sandsiv+ enables you to implement targeted optimizations, addressing issues like confusing navigation or a cumbersome checkout process, ensuring a seamless and satisfying user journey.

Your early advantages

Immediate impact
Begin enhancing your website’s user experience from day one. Our solution offers quick implementation, ensuring immediate positive effects on user experience.
Save resources by addressing potential issues early on. sandsiv+ helps you identify and rectify user experience challenges promptly, preventing long-term consequences and reducing the costs associated with major overhauls down the line.
Increased engagement
Enjoy the agility to iterate and improve swiftly. sandsiv+ provides a streamlined feedback loop, enabling you to implement changes efficiently based on user responses, keeping your website at the forefront of evolving user preferences.

Zoom on the results

Choose to boost your website performance today with sandsiv+. Your visitors can be asked both closed questions (e.g. CES, CSAT) and open opinions on specific topics of interest, e.g. How can we improve this page? What did you like?

Request a demo to see the digital interceptions in action. Here’s what you get:

  • Survey structure and best practices on sandsiv+
  • Your digital pop-up in action
  • Real-time data collection reflected on insightful dashboards

sandsiv+ empowers you to understand your audience better, paving the way for an enhanced user experience. Request a demo for a sneak peek into sandsiv+ digital interceptions and choose to improve your website UX.


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