Switching from another CX Platform?

If you have a complex, multinational infrastructure, you will already start receiving superior customer information after 15 days. If you consider yourself a simple infrastructure, it will only take a few hours.

No matter what, aim for a smooth integration to sandsiv+ in just two weeks.

CX is Personalization

Making CX has never been easier: our pricing is fine-tuned just for you, but three key pillars stay the same.


Our plans and pricing are tailored to your unique requirements, covering deployment, integrations, modules, features, performance, and support. You only pay for what you need.

All-star service

If you’re just starting your journey or a seasoned pro, our technology and expertise meet you exactly where you are, anytime, making your job easier and more efficient.


Experience financial stability with unlimited usage and users, enabling you to fully embrace CX without worrying about exceeding limits.

What’s your story?

Tell us your needs to receive a tailored plan.

Get your custom use case, CX ROI prediction, and quote.

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6 reasons why

Getting started is easy

All your professionals will easily manage and customize our features through the onboarding program. You won’t need to study to implement our solution – it’s born to be self-service!

Made for scale

Don’t worry about future evolutions or growth: sandsiv+ will adapt to new functions through a module-based architecture and will grow as fast as the number of your customers.
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+ innovation

Future-driven innovation

We continually provide new enhancements and features at no additional cost, empowering our clients to lead in innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

Beyond volumes

Forget outdated methods tied to survey responses or user counts. Our pricing model encourages more data collection without extra costs, giving your organization full transparency and richer insights.

Low cost of ownership

Don’t worry about maintenance or upgrades – we’ll keep prices as low as possible to allow you to change and adapt to your customers’ future needs.

Seamless integration

Get more out of the tools you already use. Our modern tech seamlessly integrates, ensuring swift deployment and saving you time and resources.
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