Help elevate their experiences today

Find a new drive for your actions: listen to your customers and learn from their needs.

Feedback will no longer be words, it will become actions that you can implement towards each customer. You will finally be able to monitor the negatives, assign tasks to the right team and implement solutions.

Leave no stone unturned

Train employees

Allow each person on your teams to own their part of the internal cycle by identifying the root causes of attrition in the program based on facts: dashboards and customer case examples.
Everyone knows what to do

Alert customer service staff

Share qualified customer feedback to the right stakeholders instantly and automatically, and then let them implement the right solution for each problem.
Happy people don’t discard companies

Act to satisfy

Enhance your current CX design through actionable answers and gain both customer loyalty and employee engagement.

Key features

Right person, right action

Give real-time access to dashboards to every employee and allow them to take direct action to solve customer needs.

From human to human

Optimize your Net Promoter System (NPS) inner loop to improve autonomy and develop individual customer connections.

Immediate monitoring

Get immediate feedback and don’t let problems frustrate your customer: act while the need is still fresh in the customer’s mind.

Easy ticketing

Follow each ticket through to resolution to monitor its progress and learn from your mistakes.

Multi-personal approach

Assign tickets to the right team member and allow your employees to resolve the issue.


Access comprehensive customer information through good integration between your CRM system, contact center tools and ticketing systems.
#1 European Voice of the Customer solution

A deep-dive on sandsiv+

Learn everything you need to know about how this feature evolves your customer experience and get on board with your new customer intelligence platform.
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Potent alone

Invincible together

Outer loop

You can go deeper and learn from your customers how to make impactful organizational changes and structural optimization.


Use a powerful real-time visualization engine to track the results of VoC team efforts over time.
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