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Provide a seamless customer experience that meets evolving expectations across all physical and digital touchpoints.
Don’t treat them all the same

Customize your services

Give every customer the experience they want, customize channels and responses to their need.
Easy travel, easy connect

Be omnichannel

Focus on where your customers are and make sure that whether they are using social media, email or phone, the experience is the same and access to information is consistent.
Federico Teveles – Research Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
sandsiv+ is an exceptional product because it strikes an admirable balance between complexity and simplicity and can support businesses of any size, geographical location, and vertical

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Reduced time

Minimize the time it takes for your customers to contact you and get concrete answers to their needs.

Empower your team

Share CX data with staff in real time and align processes, operations and behaviors around your customer-first culture.

Predictive destinations

Collect data from all your customers and use it to predict how they will behave and new trends.

All in one

Create the right environment to deliver a great customer experience and collect all data in a single platform.

Adapt to your customers

Digitize all of your processes to adapt to changing consumer habits and expectations.

Young travellers

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage innovative travelers. Decode the needs of Millennials and Gen Z by analyzing what they say about you on digital channels.
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