Everything in one place

Create a single repository of all customer data: from past to present, from direct to indirect, from experience to patterns.

Give all teams a complete view of the customer through real-time access to their data, integrating all your sources.

No obstacles

Unify all data sources

Break down data silos and securely manage all your data: connect direct, indirect and inferred feedback in one place.
Efficient data management

Find valuable insights

Transform structured and unstructured data into a single source of customer data to enable better visualization and interpretation of customer feedback.
Cross-departmental use

Ensure the best access to data

Democratize this customer data strategically at the enterprise level to allow your team quick access, action and control.

Key features

Reliable and secure

Create a new, comprehensive view of customer data that can be easily used and does not alter the original data source.

Efficient integration

Achieve seamless integration with your pre-existing data warehouse, CRM, or other systems ensuring unique access to customer data.

Real-time visibility

Organize customer data in real time giving you the ability to instantly visualize and understand the needs of each individual customer.

Customer lifecycle

Collect and organize all of your historical survey data to provide visibility into the entire customer lifecycle on one page.

Run a wide amount of data

Don’t bother with the number of customers, touchpoints, and sources, the data platform is easily scalable to any need.

Rapid data analysis

Don’t worry about the time or accuracy of your data: the transfer to the single view will always be immediate and complete.
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The power of artificial intelligence will give you the possibility to understand your customer sentiment through complex analysis.

Trend & insights

Don’t forget to connect past, present and future data to convert feedback into critical business insights.
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