Don’t change your infrastructure, we adapt to it

We offer a full range of deployment options – SaaS, public cloud or on your private cloud – that reinforce a customer-centric philosophy. Solution components can be deployed at a modular level depending on customer maturity and market needs.

Your choice of deployment
Software As a Service

Don’t worry about any technical pain, just turn on our platform thanks to a high-performance implementation through our data center.

You select the cloud, we deliver

Integrate to your existing infrastructure without losing any feature: it adapts to Google Cloud Services, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or nearly any other cloud and scales its functions as soon as you need them.


Keep everything under your control, deploy sandiv+ on your own servers and integrate it with your complex system directly managing your level of security and reliability.

Secure, agile and fast

The easy side of deployment

Don’t let the technical side scare you off, sandsiv+ is ready to use, reliable and can be upgraded in a jiffy.

Security first

We rely on a single-tenant architecture for superior security and reliability.

Agility at your service

Our approach allows us to quickly and securely deliver sandsiv+, deploy updates and enhancements without stopping your operations.

Ultra fast

You can deploy sandisv+ in just a few hours without needing to wait for service, you’ll do it yourself.
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Distribute anywhere in the world

You don’t need to meet us, you can deploy sandsiv+ completely remotely and configure our solution without technical assistance. In just a few hours, sandsiv+ can be up and running wherever you are in the world.
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Be everywhere

Integration capabilities

sandsiv+ easily fits into your current architecture, no matter how complex or advanced your IT ecosystem is, it will integrate with all third-party tools and applications.
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Switching from another CX Platform?

We ensure a successful migration process in two weeks. Even if you have a complex, multinational infrastructure, after 15 days you will already start receiving superior customer information. If you consider yourself a simple infrastructure, it will only take a few hours.

Join the customer experience revolution.

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