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Gather indirect feedback from your customers without boundaries: social platforms, websites, forums, comment data, blogs, news and review sites will be analyzed to give you insights into your brand and products.

Compare your position with your competitors and structure a better feedback strategy through deep analysis of aggregate data.

Indirect voice

Understand your global audience

Know what customers are saying about you and understand their sentiment. Don’t wait for them to interact with you – analyze the indirect voice of the customer.

Measure your brand mentions

Use social media and review sites to gather feedback and structure analysis on the reputation of your brand and products. Capture interactions on Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Google review, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.
Complete customer view

Discover the actions your customers expect

Identify systemic issues to drive business improvements through comprehensive analysis of your customers’ online suggestions.

Key features

Full analytics

Implement advanced analytics by choosing from a wide variety of metrics to gather meaningful feedback.

Data from everywhere

Capture indirect feedback from a variety of sources: social media, blogs, forums. Don’t miss a word from your customers.

Easy reporting

Allow everyone to structure a feedback analysis to extract and visualize the best insights by location, region, brand, products, employees.
people centricity

Meet the promoters

Discover data about your new fans: age, gender, location. Attract the best customers by analyzing positive feedback.

Know your competitors

Analyze and compare the sentiment and reputation of your competitors to implement better products and satisfy your customers.

Improve your social networks

Figure out if your customers like your social posts, analyze their interaction and appreciation to promote your social strategy.
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Get real-time customer feedback on all channels and make them happy to give you the information you need.


Don’t stop at simple data, the power of artificial intelligence will give you the ability to understand your customers’ sentiment.
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