Clear visibility into customer trends

An engine driven by deep machine learning algorithms will give you an advanced sentiment analysis tool.

Fast, smart, accurate: when it comes to detecting customer sentiment, these are the keywords that drive the sandsiv+ platform.

Real-time analysis

Understand like no one else

Use the best and most comprehensive algorithms to expand your ability to rank thousands of customer feedback records in real time.
From data to action

Capture customer expressions

Empower your employees with an advanced Artificial Intelligence-based solution that can retrieve, collect, and analyze sentiment of even slang and idiomatic expressions.
Sentiment analysis
Complex sentiment detection

Analyze customer opinions

Sentiment Analysis can be difficult, but SANDSIV has the solution created for business people. Identify favorable, unfavorable or neutral customers through integrated analysis.

Key features

Custom classification models

Define classification models based on business-relevant categories or the most important indicators for your company.

Dashboard and visualization

Manage a complex variety of data and information in a simple, integrated and enriched way to bring output available for viewing and exporting.


Understand the sentiment through your customers’ native language, without limitations due to translation or misinterpretation.

Advanced deep learning engine

AI-driven engine fully customizable to detect topics, analyze sentiment, and extract subjective information.

Fast and accurate

The level of emotion analysis is as accurate as the human mind and will be supported in real time.

Advanced intelligence

The AI engine is trained on a wide range of text samples, natural idioms, expressions, and turns of phrase.
#1 European Voice of the Customer solution

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Learn everything you need to know about how this feature evolves your customer experience and get on board with your new customer intelligence platform.
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Potent alone

Invincible together

Inner loop

Take another step, set up your close the loop strategy to solve any individual issues in real time.

Advanced dashboarding

Create simple yet stunning visualizations designed to dive deeper into any advanced analysis.
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