Season 1

S1 – E1

CX strategy is not a religion!
Jack Springman
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S1 – E2

Episodes & Phygital Journey
Gian Paolo Franzoni
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S1 – E3

Customer Centricity in reality
Stefan M. Schröder
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S1 – E4

B2B CX, the difference from Customer CX
Michael Brandt
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S1 – E5

Managing a multinational CX project
Marko Jovic
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S1 – E6

Do Customer Experience right with WOW moments
Gregorio Uglioni
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S1 – E7

VoC in the Innovation process
Catharina van Delden
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S1 – E8

It’s time for Customer Intelligence!
Jeofrey Bean
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S1 – E9

The past and the next 10 years in CX
Ian Golding
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S1 – E10

Agile CX, de-risk big bang CX approach
Olga Potaptseva
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S1 – E11

European Customer Experience Organization
Ricardo Saltz Gulko
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Season 2

S2 – E1

The attachment theory
Joanna Carr
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S2 – E2

Show me the money! From CX to Customer Intelligence
Graham Hill
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S2 – E3

Happy agent make happy customers
Tue Søttrup
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S2 – E4

The CXM field manual
Jeff Sheehan
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S2 – E5

Quickly adapt CX to external factors
Alan Pennington
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S2 – E6

Customer service begins with a smile
Faran Niaz
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