A1 Telekom Austria Group
Marko Jovic – A1 Senior Customer Experience Manager
With sandsiv+, we have a ROI-focused technology with all the features needed to enable our vision “Customer Feedback 360” in one VOC platform that allows me and my team to manage a multinational cx project as simple as possible.

A1 Group is one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest convergent-communication providers, with more than 18,000 employees providing voice telephony, broadband internet, payment, and entertainment services to 24 million customers in seven countries.
To extend its leading position and further drive transformation into a customer-centric organisation, where the customer is at the very core and centre of its business, A1 Group needed a more comprehensive Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution. After a rigorous selection process in 2018, it chose SANDSIV as its future provider of choice for customer experience technology and related IT; CX consulting and data science services.

The goal:

Replace a Customer Experience feedback management tool by switching to sandsiv+ without losing business continuity


Set up a solution suitable for different local & group needs such as different culture & languages, different IT Eco-Systems, business processes & infrastructure, different local data protection rules, geographical barriers and time zones.

A1 Telekom Austria Group
Juliana Posch – A1 Group Head of Sales and Customer Services
SANDSIV fully satisfied our criteria to further drive the best customer experience along the entire customer journey. We are impressed by SANDSIV’s passion for the project and its comprehensive Voice of the Customer approach.

Methodological approach
  • Collection of direct, indirect and inferred consumer feedback and data from a wide range of internal and external sources, including experiences with shops, contact centre, field service engineers and social media
  • Quick and accurate analysis of unstructured feedback and data from disparate data streams, in 7 languages
  • Processes to take action based on the derived insights at an operational level and strategic business management and investment decision making
  • Instant delivery of information to more than 1,000 employees tasked with responding directly or indirectly to information provided by customers by way of email alerts and full-cycle closed loop action workflow capabilities
  • Measurement of aggregate customer information against standard and/or customized KPIs, including R-NPS (relational or ‘brand’ NPS), P-NPS (‘product’), T-NPS and CES (transactional NPS and Customer Effort Score for individual interactions), Survey Response Rates and customer recovery KPI’s such as % of Detractors Re-polled, Detractors turned to Passives or Promoters and the T-NPS after Re-poll to demonstrate the value of closed loop activities and investments
  • Provision of actionable summary information to CRM, marketing, and sales personnel in the form of dashboards and data visualisations
  • Inclusion of a parent instance of the system providing CX insights across the entire A1 Group
  • Integration with feedback sources and A1 Group’s own internal IT systems where appropriate
  • Strict compliance with GDPR requirements


Active Users

When SANDSIV was appointed, the A1 program had been in place for over 5 years and more than 1200 employees were involved in the program. One of the key requirements for the project was to ensure a seamless transition from the old solution to the new SANDSIV platform across all 7 countries and hundreds of surveys, dashboards etc. within 4 months, which included a 2 week ‘work-freeze’ over the Christmas Holidays.

Data migration

In addition to the migration of all surveys, dashboards and other systems configurations and integrations required for the sophisticated CX program of A1, the migration of historic survey data of the past 5 years was part of the ambitious transition plan. Due to the flexible data upload capabilities of the SANDSIV solution, the simple 3-step migration was mastered with ease – largely in ‘self-service mode’ – by the program team of A1.

Text analytics model

Text analytics for the A1 program is a critical element for the continued development of the program and the associated impact of it. Large amounts of unstructured texts are analysed every day by sandsiv+, for example for all responses to open survey questions. Analyzing and visualizing customer comments from social media is underway.

Close the Loop

Close the Loop reinforces the service mentality of the A1 Group, which is a key differentiator for the brand in the highly competitive telecommunications market. SANDSIV configured the VOC ACT module of its platform to the detailed specifications of A1 to ensure the follow up with respondents in real-time, despite the complexities of its business and its organisation.

A1 Group presented a daunting challenge to its new VOC solution provider. By adapting its proven implementation methodology to the challenges of a multinational, multilingual enterprise with a large and active client base, sandsiv+ was able to draft a prudent, comprehensive implementation plan, and to change it on the fly when needed.

That same flexibility allowed it to adhere to all major and most intermediary project milestones, resulting in a successful implementation, greater customer awareness for A1 Group, and better service for its client base.

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