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Make your life easier with an end-to-end solution that will allow every team to collect customer data – anywhere, anytime – and develop deep, real-time analytics that can be used to innovate your business processes.

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Four steps to actionable insights
From customer feedback to business improvements, connect all the data you have to create analytics and forecasts that will guide your strategic evolution.
Listen & Connect

Collect all your customer data in one tool. Get a complete view of customer feedback: surveys, social media, blog chats, contact center calls, emails and reviews.

Analyze & Predict

Identify useful insights and make them accessible to everyone in the company by enabling all employees to use predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Drive Action & Improve

Manage all data to gain insights and implement a response system, an inner close the loop strategy, and systemic changes.

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Measure & Win

Use the power of sandsiv+ to consistently measure your results. You can get a complete view of your business position by linking business results to a deep analysis of customer feedback.


Take the lead

Choose the solution you need

Need end-to-end platform to listen and evolve your business or an analytics tool that integrates with all your existing applications?

Make sense of your customer data

A comprehensive customer analytics solution that will give your company a single view by unifying multiple data sources.

Evolve your experience

An end-to-end platform that will be useful for all teams to gather feedback, integrate with other data, analyze and close the loop.
Jeremy Cox – Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement Strategies & Platforms
SANDSIV’s genesis started with the premise that improving the CX leads to enhanced business performance. It has impressive data science credentials and maintains an agile and innovative platform, while its approach of “we’ll integrate anything” helps clients reduce the cost of implementation while maximizing benefits
Tailored to your needs

Agility at your service

Adapt sandsiv+ to your specific needs with a modular system that can be integrated with any type of third-party application and will work across the spectrum of customer views.
Data made simple

Driven by innovation

Gain faster, more actionable insights with the support of Deep Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing that will provide your team with more understandable reports and data visualizations.
Protect your customers’ data

Rock-solid security

sandsiv+ is compliant with industry standards such as ISO 27001. The platform can be easily deployed on any local or on-site private or public cloud.
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A comprehensive customer experience platform


Getting started is easy

sandsiv+ was created to be self-service! Through a comprehensive training and onboarding program, all of your professionals will easily be able to manage and customize all of the features.

Shape experiences at scale

Don’t worry about future evolutions or growth: sandsiv+ will adapt to new functions thanks to a module-based architecture and will grow as fast as the number of your customers.

Built for business people

The sandiv+ platform is as comprehensive as it is easy to use. All your professionals will quickly learn how to use it without losing any valuable features.

Be unlimited

sandsiv+ gives you an infinite number of surveys, dashboards, data and users – unlimited use to shape the future of your business.

Intelligence hub

All data will be available together, in a centralized tool that will provide you with insights to accelerate your desired business results.
Plans & Pricing

Low cost of ownership

Don’t worry about maintenance or upgrades – we’ll keep prices as low as possible to allow you to change and adapt to your customers’ future needs.
Internationally recognised
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+

Reach new heights alone or together

Our strategic and technology partners and our team of specialists, with extensive experience in more than 100 projects across multiple industries, are here to help.

You do

A solution is designed to be completely self-service and give Customer Experience Management teams the autonomy they need to scale the program.
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We do

Learn how to get the best out of sandsiv+ and become independent in the future. Our Forrester-certified professionals can transfer technical know-how to your internal team.
Managed service

Our partners do

Our partners can support you with comprehensive projects that will enable profound change in your business structure and ensure better business results.
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