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In today’s competitive market, collecting accurate and timely customer feedback is essential for companies to enhance their products and services. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys are a widely used method for gathering this crucial feedback. However, traditional IVR surveys often fall short, causing several issues detailed below. sandsiv+ addresses these challenges with a comprehensive solution that streamlines and modernizes the IVR survey process.

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Common challenges of IVR surveys 


Manual data processing: Traditional IVR surveys produce audio responses that need manual transcription, which is tedious and error-prone.
Delayed feedback: This manual process delays feedback, making it hard to address issues promptly.
Limited insights: Without real-time sentiment analysis, gauging customer satisfaction and identifying urgent concerns is challenging.

SANDSIV has got your back

To tackle these challenges, the sandsiv+ solution includes:

  • IVR Survey Setup: A user-friendly IVR survey system where customers can provide feedback via phone, including multiple-choice and open-ended responses.
  • Real-time Speech-to-Text (S2T): Robust S2T engines for real-time transcription of customer responses.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment analysis algorithms to instantly assess customer sentiment.
  • Scalability and Infrastructure: Deploying scalable cloud infrastructure (e.g., AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud) to handle numerous concurrent calls reliably.
  • Data Privacy and Compliance: Implementing stringent data privacy measures, including encryption and compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Short-term advantages and over time


  • Real-time Insights: Instant access to customer feedback for quicker issue resolution and proactive support.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Eliminating transcription errors for improved data accuracy.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Identifying and addressing dissatisfied customers in real time, boosting satisfaction.
  • Efficiency: Reducing manual effort in transcription and data analysis, saving time and resources.
  • Customized Support: IVR surveys can be conducted in multiple languages, making them accessible to a diverse customer base and ensuring customized support.

In conclusion, implementing an IVR survey with real-time Speech-to-Text and Sentiment Analysis through sandsiv+ not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of collecting and responding to customer feedback but also provides significant time and cost savings, thereby enhancing customer experiences and business outcomes.

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