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Are your survey response rates frustratingly low, leaving you with incomplete data and untapped customer insights?
It’s a common challenge; many businesses struggle with response rates as low as 10% with traditional channels like email and SMS, which can hinder growth and CX improvement opportunities. It’s time to break free from these limitations and explore the power of WhatsApp surveys as part of a comprehensive omnichannel CX strategy.

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What are response rates?

Response rates in surveys denote the percentage of individuals who actively participate in a survey out of the total number of individuals who were invited or eligible to take part. They serve as a metric reflecting the level of engagement and willingness of the target audience to provide feedback or respond to survey questions.

Importance of response rates:

Ensuring a Representative Sample:
Achieving higher response rates increases the likelihood of obtaining a representative sample. A representative sample is essential as it ensures that the survey results accurately mirror the opinions and characteristics of the target population, thereby enabling more reliable and valid conclusions.
Maintaining Data Quality:
Low response rates pose a risk of non-response bias, where the characteristics or opinions of non-respondents differ significantly from those who did respond, potentially distorting the survey results. Higher response rates help mitigate this bias, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the collected data.
Enhancing Statistical Power:
Larger sample sizes resulting from higher response rates provide greater statistical power. This enhanced statistical power enables more precise estimates, improves the ability to detect small effects or differences, and enhances the generalizability of the findings.
Facilitating Enhanced Insights:
Higher response rates facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the target population’s opinions, behaviors, preferences, or experiences. This, in turn, leads to better insights for decision-making, strategic planning, product development, or market research endeavors.


Aim high with response rates:

Before we dive into WhatsApp surveys, let’s set ambitious response rate goals:

  • For B2C enterprises: striving for response rates of 40% or higher.
  • For B2B enterprises: achieving a 60% response rate is an impressive goal.

source : Bain & Company

WhatsApp as a CX game-changer:

While email and SMS surveys have their impact, it’s time to diversify your survey distribution channels by incorporating WhatsApp. Here’s why WhatsApp stands out:

Massive user base:
with over 2.2 billion global users, WhatsApp offers an enormous audience for your surveys.
High engagement:
WhatsApp users spend an average of 19.4 hours per month on the platform, making it a prime channel for engagement.
WhatsApp allows for personalized conversations with customers, enhancing your brand’s relationships.
as WhatsApp continues to evolve and gain popularity, it’s poised to become a pivotal survey channel.

WhatsApp surveys with sandsiv+:

With the sandsiv+ customer experience management software, you have the ability to optimize your NPS program. From crafting surveys to capturing immediate responses, sandsiv+ enables you to fully leverage WhatsApp as a survey channel and activate notifications when particular criteria are fulfilled.

  • Real-time feedback: instead of bombarding respondents with a full survey, sandsiv+’s ping-pong surveys send one question at a time to respondents through WhatsApp: question by question + conversational format, instant responses!
  • Instant case alerts: when an issue arises, sandsiv+ doesn’t just notify you; it sparks action! Our Instant Case Alerts ensure that your team is immediately aware of customer concerns, guaranteeing a swift and effective resolution.
  • Proactive issue resolution: don’t just react; anticipate and resolve issues before they escalate. sandsiv+ empowers you to take proactive steps in delighting your customers and turning potential problems into opportunities.
  • Data-driven decisions: harness the power of data! sandsiv+’s robust analytics and reporting features help you make informed decisions, prioritize improvements, and track your CX progress effortlessly.

Experience firsthand how sandsiv+’s versatile channels, including WhatsApp, can empower you to build stronger customer relationships and elevate your customer experience management strategy.


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