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Are you facing challenges in defining your clients’ Customer Journey? sandsiv+ leverages AI to quickly identify and address pain points in the customer journey, all in under 60 seconds.

How? In this use case, we analyze 12,947 guest experiences across public platforms such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google, and Instagram to unveil the secret of Disneyland Paris to the perfect customer experience.

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The magic of AI-Powered insights

The sandsiv+ interactive dashboard identifies critical areas requiring improvement and provides actionable suggestions on how to address them effectively. Discover the secrets of the Customer Journey at Disneyland Paris and, most importantly, learn how to replicate these results within your enterprise to optimize your customers’ experiences.

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Business advantages of this approach

Speed to market

Imagine transforming a complex analytics process that once took data scientists weeks to execute into a streamlined operation that merely takes minutes.

Simplified model training
With the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs), we can say goodbye to the need for vast volumes of data. A few-shot approach to Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) and Customer Journey Identification is all you need.
Reduced dependency on pre-labeled data
With just 20-30 examples to demonstrate the concept, an LLM can take over from there.
Automated initiative reporting
The AI would generate a comprehensive report outlining customer experience (CX) management initiatives.
Empowering CX managers
By saving time on analytics, CX Managers can focus on what truly matters – enhancing the customer experience.

Zoom on the results

The sandsiv+ dashboard is packed with powerful features. It can easily identify the pros and cons of different areas in Disneyland Paris based on customer feedback. Imagine uncovering the best and worst aspects of your Customer Journey with just a few clicks!

But that’s not all. This innovative dashboard goes a step further by offering personalized recommendations to enhance customer satisfaction. By analyzing customer feedback and mapping their journey, it suggests specific actions to improve their experience.

And here’s the best part: the dashboard ranks these suggestions based on their impact and how easy they are to implement. It’s like having a personal assistant guiding you on the most effective ways to delight your customers.

Experience firsthand how sandsiv+ can empower you to build stronger customer relationships and elevate your customer experience management strategy.


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