Customers tell you how to change your company

Bring the revolution to your company: maximize your continuous improvement initiatives with the ability to investigate the root cause of any emerging issues and identify and prioritize systemic changes.

Listen to your customers and refine the way your company works.

Data analysis

Discover ways to improve your business

Implement structural improvements based on closed-loop internal insights and advanced analytics and keep employees and customers informed.
Outer close the Loop Dashboard
Recurring customer problems

Cover issues that need strategic changes

Identify patterns and trends that can be solved or managed enterprise-wide and understand systemic issues by listening to the voice of your customers.
Outer close the Loop
The way to success

Prioritize changes for your company

Learn from the insights gleaned during the closing of the inner loop and implement lasting solutions that will support your company’s growth.
Outer close the Loop

Key features

Outer close the Loop

React to negative trends

Leverage advanced analytics to identify common trends and monitor how your business is reacting and performing.
Outer close the Loop

NPS at its best

Optimize the outer loop of your Net Promoter System: ensure quick problem resolutions and relieve pain.
Outer close the Loop

Everyone’s contribution

Leverage customizable dashboards and role-based reporting to make the most of the contributions of every professional in the company.
Outer close the Loop

Your tools connected

Link feedback management to other business systems such as CRM and business intelligence tools.
Outer close the Loop

Customer Journey mapping

Improve your customer journey mapping skills to identify customer pain points and gain insights on how to address these issues.
Outer close the Loop

Never stop evolving

Never stop growing and improving your outer close the loop process with technology that easily adapts and supports the evolution of your program.
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Quick resolution actions. Don’t stop there, stay tuned to real-time alerts and prepare for an immediate reaction stream.
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Advanced dashboarding

Create simple yet stunning visualizations designed to dive deeper into any advanced analysis.
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