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Top utilities companies
Total customer visibility

Change and adapt

Learn from your customers and find the right way to evolve your services through comprehensive feedback analysis.
Omnichannel capability

Deliver the needs of the digital age

Manage multiple digital interaction channels to adapt to each stage of the journey according to each customer’s preferences and utility operation.
Easy integration landscape

Synchronize all processes

Allowing customers to walk a seamless path through all stages of their journey, while the magic happens behind the scenes without them even realizing it.
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Federico Teveles – Research Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
sandsiv+ is an exceptional product because it strikes an admirable balance between complexity and simplicity and can support businesses of any size, geographical location, and vertical.

Hit the mark with sandsiv+

One-click experience

Let your customers contact you super fast and easy, they won’t have time to think about your competitors.

Continuous improvement

Implement repeatable processes that change frontline behaviors to improve the customer experience.

A new level of innovation

Let your customers forget the old way and offer them a startup experience with enterprise quality.

Your customers’ needs

Gain a clear understanding of their needs and preferences through a comprehensive feedback analysis.

Unlock key insights

Measure your CX project through accurate KPIs using advanced analytics and reporting.

Good metrics inspire action

Find the right metric: Net Promoter Score gives the company a common language to talk about customer loyalty.
Internationally recognised
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
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