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Zurich, Switzerland — January 17, 2024  — SANDSIV, a renowned global vendor in AI-driven technology for Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) enterprise solutions, today announced the exclusive partnership with Bespoke Experiences, a Botswana-based consultancy specializing in CX strategy and transformation.

This dynamic partnership is poised to empower enterprises across diverse sectors, spanning both private industries and government sectors, ultimately benefitting customer and citizen. Bespoke will lead the charge in driving CX strategy and implementation, encompassing a wide array of facets like Customer Relationship Management, Voice of the Customer Programs, Customer Journey Management, and more. Leveraging SANDSIV’s state-of-the-art technology, sandsiv+, will propel these revolutionary endeavors.

Through the utilization of sandsiv+, companies convert customer feedback into strategic insights, conveniently accessible through user-friendly dashboards. This strategic utilization empowers businesses and public entities with informed decision-making capabilities and fosters sustainable growth.

Partnering with Bespoke Experiences marks a significant milestone for SANDSIV, fortifying its partnership network in Africa and reinforcing its unwavering dedication to the region’s advancement and growth potential. Read more on https://sandsiv.com/partners/.

Flash quotes:

“Merging efforts with Bespoke allows us at SANDSIV to intricately tailor technology solutions, precisely catering to the dynamic demands of markets such as Botswana. Through this partnership, we empower the delivery of bespoke services and technology finely attuned to local needs, cultivating exceptional and influential customer experiences,” stated Mirko Buonerba, SANDSIV’s Strategic Alliances Manager.

Ntsholetsang Ikgopoleng, Director of Bespoke Experiences, added: “Facilitating CX strategies for my clients in Africa has become seamlessly achievable. Integrating SANDSIV’s technology-driven solutions into my consulting services democratizes CX access, offering companies an efficient, user-friendly platform. Thanks to AI, accessibility is open to everyone.”


Company Profiles:

SANDSIV is a pioneering force in AI-driven Customer Experience Management (CXM) enterprise solutions. Through its state-of-the-art sandsiv+ CXM software, SANDSIV empowers businesses worldwide to leverage artificial intelligence for comprehensive customer understanding and exceptional service delivery. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has facilitated the expansion of its partner program and the establishment of a continuously growing global presence. | https://sandsiv.com/

Bespoke Experiences is an emerging Customer Experience consultancy startup headquartered in Botswana. Specializing in tailored solutions, the consultancy delivers bespoke customer experience services to clients spanning various industries. Leveraging both individual expertise and collaborative endeavors, the firm is dedicated to revolutionizing CX practices not only within Botswana but also across the broader African region. | https://bespoke.co.bw/

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Business Contacts:

SANDSIV: partner@sandsiv.com
Bespoke Experiences: Ntsholetsang Ikgopoleng – ntsholetsang@bespoke.co.bw

Media Contact:

Silvia Bellò
Digital Marketing Manager