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The demand for CXM software solutions and related services is increasing, don’t miss the opportunity to give the most advanced Voice of Customer tool to your customers.
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Organizations care less and less about the technology itself and prefer to focus on the business outcome of the technology. Connecting sandsiv+ to your consulting capabilities will give your clients a strong, comprehensive package.
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Companies need to have clear and defined data. Use sandsiv+ to give your customers the best technologies on the market and powerful visualization and closing loop tools.
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Gautam Bhasin – Global Head Banking and Insurance
Tech Mahindra
By delivering the power of SANDSIV’s customer experience management platform to our clients, we can bring a competitive edge. Our clients have phenomenal amounts of data and by utilizing sandsiv+, we’re able to help our clients turn data into action and massive competitive advantage.

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Support SANDSIV to expand its market reach in your region Provide product related services (training, configuration, managed services, consulting, account management, deployments or integrations) Obtain your sandsiv+ user professional certification General business plan, with defined goals and metrics

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Training & know-how transfer Provide a dedicated training & demo instance Digital marketing materials and tools to scale your marketing & sales activities Extensive dedicated partner support services Compliance with GDPR, and standardized contractual framework
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