#1 European Voice of the Customer solution

awarded both in 2021 and 2022

From feedback to change

Don’t lose the voice of the customer

Listen and unify

Listen to each customer and connect all of their voices from different channels. Get on board with a totally omni-channel tool.
Survey & unify
Actionable insights. Easy learning

Analysis and reporting

Dominate the market with a comprehensive understanding of your customers through valuable insights. Let’s use an advanced analytics tool for easily readable reports and real-time dashboards.
Analysis and reporting
Build relationships and trust

Close the loop and measure success

Embrace change and maximize your brand strength through constant evaluation of your customers’ feedback. Make the right adjustments to evolve your organization, processes and behaviors.
Close the loop and measure success

A solution that fits

Make it easy for your CX team

Give your customer satisfaction the boost it deserves. Our Voice of the customer solution adapts to the needs of any business. Even yours!

Be agile

Set your team up for success by choosing a solution that fits the specifics of your industry and customers.
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Be fast

Enhance your customer experience instantly: sandsiv+ is easy to use and it can be deployed across enterprise-level businesses in a matter of hours.
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Be fully integrated

Connect all your channels and tools to sandsiv+ and consolidate all your customer information in one centralized location.
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Trusted by top world-class brands
The sandsiv+ advantage
Impress your customers, motivate your team, find real results, anywhere, anytime. Everything you are looking for, in one potent package.
Tailored to your needs

Integrate sandsiv+ into your cloud or on-site solution, adapt the platform to your specific expectations without needing to involve our support team.

Tailored to your needs
Driven by innovation

Use the AI power of sandsiv+ to achieve innovative language and channel agnostic driven solutions, advanced analytics and real-time visualization.

Driven by innovation
Swiss clockwork precision

Choose a Voice of the Customer solution built for security, quality and integrity. Traditional Swiss values are the pillars of our dedication to our customers.

Made in Switzerland
Trusted and global expertise

sandsiv+ stands behind every happy customer around the world. We work with global customers and partners and have been awarded by leading analytics companies.

Trusted and global expertise
Juliana Posch – Group Head of Sales and Customer Services
A1 Telekom Austria Group
SANDSIV fully satisfied our criteria to further drive the best customer experience along the entire customer journey. We are impressed by SANDSIV’s passion for the project and its comprehensive Voice of the Customer approach.
Marco Narduzzi – Innovation & Quality Officer
SANDSIV’s Customer Experience solution was one of the elements that allowed Fastweb to quickly transform itself into a customer-centric organization. The high increase in customer satisfaction (measured by NPS) is reflected in the excellent results in terms of customer growth and turnover.
Federico Teveles – Research Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
sandsiv+ is an exceptional product because it strikes an admirable balance between complexity and simplicity and can support businesses of any size, geographical location, and vertical
Ivan Barbero – Business Analytics & Customer Insight Leader
sandsiv+ is the perfect fit for Roche that wanted to strengthen the business, enabling a culture of customer-centricity. I appreciate its innovation and the continuous improvements in the self-service capabilities.

A solution for any dimension

Which solution is right for you?

An admirable balance between complexity and simplicity to align teams of every dimension and maturity around what matters most— the customer.

sandsiv+ for large enterprises

sandsiv+ for large enterprises

Whether you’re a fast-growing innovator or a global organization, we can help you with a best-in-class solution and security.
sandsiv+ for medium enterprises

sandsiv+ for medium enterprises

Finding the ideal CX solution is no longer a challenge. sandsiv+ easily adapt to your initial needs and scale as your project grows.
Internationally recognised
Start growing with sandsiv+ today