Over the last few years, especially since the start of the 2020 pandemic, Social Media have positioned themselves as a fundamental channel, even more so than the physical one, for brands to interact in real time with their customers.

For World Social Media Day, SANDSIV offers us some of the differentiating points that characterise the leading brands in Customer Experience (CX) when it comes to offering a unique customer experience using their social profiles as a source for capturing data of interest, a potential that many companies still do not know how to take advantage of in the development of their business strategy. 

Therefore, successful brands in their sector know that their profiles are not just a simple channel to publish promotional content, as social networks can provide valuable information about the behaviour and needs of customers that go far beyond the insights that are captured, for example, in surveys.

Social media offer insights that surveys do not.

As Federico Cesconi , founder and CEO of SANDSIV, says, low response rates in customer surveys can be a major problem for companies trying to collect customer experience data, making it difficult to obtain a representative sample. “This can result in inaccurate or incomplete data, making it difficult to identify problem areas and track the success of customer experience initiatives,” adds Cesconi.

The key to gaining a holistic view of the customer is having the ability to analyse and interpret large amounts of high-quality data in real time. This data can include customer interactions on social media, behaviour on the website and/or customer feedback across channels, including surveys and reviews. Only in this way can the Voice of the Customer (VOC) team have a commercial advantage in improving customer loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

In recent years, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to play a significant role in listening to and analysing consumer behaviour, leading to the evolution of CX management towards customer intelligence (CI).

AI helps to analyse large volumes of Social Media data that contribute to understanding user behaviour. AI algorithms can monitor millions of user information to identify critical situations or trends to deliver a personalised experience.

It is imperative to have advanced AI technology that can effortlessly extract customer sentiment and use it as a competitive advantage.

When we created the sandsiv+ VoC solution, we thought of those people in the business who need technical notions to create artificial intelligence solutions. Through an intuitive graphical user interface, the user can connect, transform and generate data sets and train machine learning models efficiently. All this with just a few clicks,” adds Federico Cesconi.

Investing in personalisation

Every customer is unique, and brands can leverage social media to personalise their communication. Investing in platforms that enable personalisation of the experience becomes an essential component of a company’s technology ecosystem. It enables the collection of valuable insights that can be used to improve their customer recommendations, services and marketing strategies through their social profiles.

The advanced capabilities of some listening tools allow you to run real-time predictive models to analyse the behaviour of those customers who, as we said, do not participate in surveys. “In addition, sandsiv+ offers a high level of flexibility, allowing users to create customised models that are tailored to their specific business needs. This customisation ensures that the models are relevant to the business, leading to better decision making and increased customer satisfaction,” explains Federico, SANDSIV’s CEO.

Immediacy is key 

Immediacy is key in social media. Customers expect quick responses to their questions or concerns. For this, it is essential to identify at-risk customers, i.e. those who might have low satisfaction or be at risk of becoming detractors.

A timely and immediate response to this information allows companies to take proactive measures to retain these potential detractors and demonstrates the brand’s commitment to its customers and followers on the networks.

Humanise and surprise

By working in an organised and coordinated manner, all departments of the company have the ability to surprise customers through the power of Social Media. By utilising the valuable insights we gain from the various platforms, we can leverage them across the organisation to create delightful experiences for our customers. This includes implementing innovative marketing strategies that humanise our brand, for example at physical touch points. We can also use these insights in our customer service initiatives to effectively address detractors, turning them into enthusiastic promoters of our products or services. 

In short, it is possible to capitalise on these insights to execute up-selling and cross-selling actions, further enhancing customer experience and satisfaction while boosting business growth.

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