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medium sized enterprises financial services

Customer insights

Discover what you can achieve next

Enhance and scale your customer experience program: get faster, more accurate insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Grow at your own speed

Deal with complexity with simplicity: As your customers and business needs change, you can implement new components to easily deliver high-level services.

No effort, more teamwork

Expand the performance of your employees across the enterprise with intuitive, easy-to-use software, making the most of your team’s time and energy.

Holistic approach to customer intelligence

Get a total view of your customers and their experiences by integrating all your tools and systems with sandsiv+ and vice versa.
Better customer data

Increase the relevance of your surveying strategy

Maximize your survey response rates and data quality: customize and automate your customer feedback surveys in real time.
Better customer data with surveys
Social analytics

Measure digital interactions

Feedback knows no limits! Boost your voice of the customer strategy with the ability to gather insights that come not only from surveys, but also from social media and review sites.
Social analytics
The right information

Know more, know better

Move to advanced analytics and reporting: improve the CX you offer by making it more relevant and in line with your customers’ expectations.
advanced analytics and reporting:
Ivan Barbero – Business Analytics & Customer Insight Leader
sandsiv+ is the perfect fit for Roche that wanted to strengthen the business, enabling a culture of customer-centricity. I appreciate its innovation and the continuous improvements in the self-service capabilities.
Issue resolution

Act responsively, make relationships stronger

Improve the effectiveness of your close the loop activities: identify, prioritize and resolve issues faster and easier.
Issue resolution
Roles-based dashboards

Tell your customers’ story with data

Let data inform your strategic decisions and fuel business growth. You can count on regular, automated, role-based reports and dashboards that also provide context.
Roles-based dashboards
Everyone working for the customer

Scale sandsiv+ across your organization

Embed customer experience insights into business decisions to act and plan wisely and to drive successful and long-lasting change.
Scale sandsiv+ across your organization

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Tailored approach

Get security

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Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+


Internationally recognised
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
All the help you need, always available
Exclusive Customer Success Team

Your success is our priority: you can rely on a team of experts entirely focused on your business needs, so you can get the most value out of sandsiv+ solution.

Always on support

SANDSIV experts stand by you 24/7 to help you deploy sandsiv+ solution on a highly effective level. They can also support your company in defining change management plans.

Technological buddy

Our team guides you step-by-step through technology adoption, from activation to accelerating the power you can achieve. Don’t get lost with our professional coaching, even after the go live.

5 weeks to truly understand your customers

Would you like to know what your customers think and feel about your brand, your products and your services? With a 5 weeks research, we can capture and share with you a comprehensive overview of your customers’ sentiment, and you’ll gain some key business intelligence insights that are useful for understanding how much you value your customer base.

Take the first step toward customer-focused innovation.

Up to date

Make the most out of every step-change in customer interactions

Unlock the benefits of voice of the customer and customer experience on business performance, no matter how fast the market changes.

Trusted expertise

Trusted expertise

Our goal is to elevate the Customer Intelligence of our client companies to the highest level. So far we’ve supported many CX teams around the world, but it’s only the beginning.
SANDSIV frost sullivan award 2022

Our achievements

Frost & Sullivan awarded SANDSIV product leader for the European Voice of the Customer (VoC) software solution industry both in 2021 and 2022.
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SANDSIV Partners

Our “dream team”

Let us introduce our global partners that daily contribute to the growth and empowerment of our solutions.
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