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large enterprise

Voices into action

Get closer to the perfect CX strategy

Continue to enhance your existing strategy with an advanced end-to-end solution that optimizes your ability to listen to customers, analyze data, drive strategic actions and measure results.

Innovation with customer intelligence

Transform your business strategy by following the fast-paced customer-centric world of today. No worries: advanced customer intelligence takes you one step ahead.

Decisions based on insights

Ensure that insights are provided to stakeholders on a regular basis for decision making. Incorporate customer data into your processes to leverage its business value.

Don’t adapt to technology

Seamlessly integrate customer insights into your existing business tools and processes. Once done, done forever: the solution easily adapts to your growth and size.
Be everywhere

Keep your identity through all relationships

Deliver seamless, personalized experiences to all your customers, regardless of their location, language or device used. Be able to interact with over 250 languages and dialects across multiple channels: voice, digital, chatbots, web surveys, mobile apps.
Be everywhere
Beyond surveys

Get the full picture

Reach out to everyone and deepen your understanding of your customers by adding social media data, conversations on review sites, and customer behavior data to your surveys.
Beyond surveys
From data to action

Make it easy with Artificial intelligence

Advanced analytics can gather information and uncover insights, turning them into strategic and effective actions – without being a code ninja!
From data to action
A1 Telekom Austria Group
Juliana Posch – Group Head of Sales and Customer Services
A1 Telekom Austria Group
SANDSIV fully satisfied our criteria to further drive the best customer experience along the entire customer journey. We are impressed by SANDSIV’s passion for the project and its comprehensive Voice of the Customer approach
Spotlight on the issues

Stay tuned with your customers

Maximize the chances of closing the loop by addressing smart alerts to the right person in the company. Provide all teams with modern case management tools.
Spotlight on the issues
Monitoring through visualization

Supercharge your ROI

Track the true Return on Investment of your customer experience initiatives over time and other key metrics using advanced visualization and role-based dashboards.
Monitoring through visualization
Journey map

Define your customer journeys

Leverage data and insights to identify each moment of the customer journey and understand how to improve by following the explicit or implicit needs of your customers.
Defining your customer journeys

What makes sandsiv+ the right choice


We can quickly develop flexible and original options for large enterprises with various needs.


sandsiv+ is distinguished by enterprise-grade security and management and attention to compliance requirements.


A future-proof solution that will satisfy your customers in current and future channels.


Add modules when needed, we adapt to the growth and scale of your business.


Don’t worry about the number of dashboards, users, and data. sandsiv+ gives you unlimited access to the same great service.


Get more from the tools you already use: integrate them seamlessly with sandsiv+ to unlock their further potential.
Internationally recognised
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
All the help you need, always available
Exclusive Customer Success Team

Your success is our priority: you can rely on a team of experts entirely focused on your business needs, so you can get the most value out of sandsiv+ solution.

Always on support

SANDSIV experts stand by you 24/7 to help you deploy sandsiv+ solution on a highly effective level. They can also support your company in defining change management plans.

Technological buddy

Our team guides you step-by-step through technology adoption, from activation to accelerating the power you can achieve. Don’t get lost with our professional coaching, even after the go live.

Switching from another CX Platform?

We ensure a successful migration process in two weeks. Even if you have a complex, multinational infrastructure, you will already start receiving superior customer insights after 15 days. If you consider yourself a simple infrastructure, it will only take a few hours.

Be part of the customer experience revolution.

Up to date

Make the most out of every step-change in customer interactions

Unlock the benefits of voice of the customer and customer experience on business performance, no matter how fast the market changes.

Trusted expertise

Trusted expertise

Our goal is to elevate the Customer Intelligence of our client companies to the highest level. So far we’ve supported many CX teams around the world, but it’s only the beginning.
SANDSIV frost sullivan award 2022

Our achievements

Frost & Sullivan awarded SANDSIV product leader for the European Voice of the Customer (VoC) software solution industry both in 2021 and 2022.
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Partners program

Our “dream team”

Let us introduce our global partners that daily contribute to the growth and empowerment of our solutions.
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