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Zurich, Switzerland — July 4, 2023  — SANDSIV, the unrivaled innovation leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) enterprise solutions, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Connecting Visions, the first consulting broker that connects the needs of its clients, with the best talent/technology ensuring the result. It already has +1800 solutions in its ecosystem and +150 clients in the Spanish market. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to revolutionize the business landscape, empowering companies to harness the full potential of customer insights and propel their growth and triumph to unprecedented heights.

Uniting their formidable expertise, Connecting Visions and SANDSIV share an unwavering mission: to streamline the selection process of VOC tools for businesses, while elevating efficiency and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. Through this powerful alliance, companies of all sizes can leverage sandsiv+VOC solutions with cutting-edge features and its exceptional budget security, regardless of their maturity level, to achieve their VOC program goals and stay ahead of the competition. In addition, Connecting Visions has CIARA, its own methodology awarded by the DEC and with great results in VOC projects, which you can learn more about here.

SANDSIV has already made a remarkable impact in the Spanish market since establishing its office in 2022, earning the respect of new partners and customers alike. The collaboration with Connecting Visions further strengthens their commitment to providing unparalleled VOC services and reinforces their position as industry leaders in customer-centric solutions.

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“Our partnership with Connecting Visions represents a significant step towards making the benefits of customer insights accessible to all Spanish businesses. By combining our expertise with their market knowledge, we are confident that we can help organizations of all sizes to work more efficiently, reduce their total cost of ownership, and ultimately drive growth through better customer experiences. We look forward to collaborating with Connecting Visions to bring our exceptional VOC solutions to even more customers in the Spanish market” said Alejandro Conejero, Regional Manager for Spain at SANDSIV.

Sofía Medem, CEO of Connecting Visions, added: “SANDSIV is a tool that meets all the requirements to create an integrated 360-degree Voice of the Customer model. It has many functionalities, is well recognized by Gartner and other sources, and furthermore, its quality-price ratio and flat rate model seem very interesting to me. In addition, we have already had experiences together, and formalizing this partnership is a way to recognize the success of those experiences.”


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SANDSIV is an innovation leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) enterprise solutions. With its cutting-edge sandsiv+ CXM software solution, SANDSIV empowers businesses worldwide to deliver differentiated customer experiences and foster long-lasting customer loyalty. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation has enabled it to expand its partner program and establish a world presence that is constantly growing. |

Connecting Visions a new way of consulting that offers expert talent and technological solutions to companies ensuring the result. They have an ecosystem of over 1800 qualified solutions, which allows them to democratize value consultancy and give access to any company regardless of size. They have served more than 150 clients in their five years of existence and solved over 400 challenges, with a particular focus on customer experience, an area of their expertise. |

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