ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, 29.10.2020 – Customer experience pioneer SANDSIV proudly announces that it has been chosen to help elevate the CXM program of Italy’s largest logistics operator. Poste Italiane chose SANDSIV over competitors on the basis of its innovative features, secure and stable architecture, and proven cost-effectiveness.

With more than 35 million customers, a workforce of more than 125,000, and financial assets exceeding €536 billion, Poste Italiane is more than just a postal service. It provides integrated payment and mobile solutions, banking through its BancoPosta division, and even insurance products. With an annual turnover of more than €11 billion, Poste Italiane has an enormous impact on Italy’s GDP, both through its own businesses and as a partner with other companies throughout its supply chain.

To honour its uniquely important standing in Italy’s economic and social fabric, Poste Italiane needs to know what its retail and business customers think, what they expect, and what they need. That’s where SANDSIV comes in.

The company’s industry-leading sandsiv+ platform will allow Poste Italiane to automate all customer-feedback activities, ranging from surveys and customer interviews to assessments of customer opinion from third-party sources such as social media. It will also close the loop by enabling real-time responses to customer opinion and proactive management of negative customer experiences.

Just as importantly, sandsiv+ will deliver customer insights to all of Poste Italiane’s business units, encouraging the kind of organisation-wide innovation that keeps leading companies atop their sectors.

To SANDSIV senior consultant Bo Evers, the deal represents a logical next step for a company whose products have become synonymous with power, scalability, and results.

“Poste Italiane has used its proven management and operational structure to convey benefits across a wide swathe of the Italian economy,” he reflects. “SANDSIV is a natural partner for a business with that kind of ambition and agility. Everything from the way we deploy instances of sandsiv+ to the flexibility our clients have in constructing surveys and analysing the results is designed to bring the right information to the right people at the right time. Our system’s architecture offers industry-leading security without compromising performance, and our longstanding investment in AI-powered advanced analytics will ensure that each Poste Italiane employee can contribute meaningfully to a better, more responsive customer experience for all of its customers.”

To learn more about how SANDSIV is helping one of Europe’s major corporations plan an even more successful and customer-focused future, please contact us at sales@sandsiv.com.



SANDSIV is a Swiss software provider located in Technopark Zurich, Switzerland’s main technology hub. Listed as a leading VOC vendor in Gartner’s recent VOC Market report, SANDSIV has built its reputation in delivering its state-of-the-art Voice of the Customer enterprise solutions “sandsiv+” to advanced CX teams at leading organizations throughout EMEA, including leading companies in the telco, financial services, utilities, retail and transportation sectors.

About sandsiv+

sandsiv+ captures, analyses, integrates, improves, and measures the customer experience. Introduced in 2014, the next-generation CX platform harmonizes data from any direct or indirect channel, and generates inferred data using artificial intelligence. Its analytical features are built on advanced AI technologies including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Machine Learning, providing for the increasingly unsupervised production of faster and more accurate actionable insights, and allowing organizations to act responsively and plan wisely. The platform supports complex integration, customization and configuration.

Silvia Bello