ZURICH, 08.03.2021 – SANDSIV, leading Customer Experience Management solution provider in EMEA, today announced it has been recognized in the Now Tech: Voice-Of-The-Customer (VoC) Vendors, Q1 2021 report published by Forrester Research.
The VoC landscape is highly competitive. The report is an overview of 39 vendors, categorized by size and functionality, to help CX professionals make the right choice: understand the value they can expect from a VoC provider and to select one based on functionality and expertise. SANDSIV was included in the customer feedback management (CFM) segment.

“We remain relentless in our commitment to enable companies to address the latest technology trends as well as consumers’ ever-changing needs in the digital landscape. SANDSIV continues to innovate and ensures our enterprise software solution, sandsiv+, gains the highest levels of performance and security” said Federico Cesconi, CEO of SANDSIV.

As the report, authored by Forrester analyst Faith Adams, states: “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to VoC vendors. And it is not uncommon for programs to require a blend of capabilities. CX pros must work with key stakeholders to select the vendor(s) that best meet their organizational needs.”

SANDSIV has a brilliant platform, a proven track record, and a team of senior CX professionals specialized in strategy, methodology, data analysis, and technology that deeply understand the requirements of the client.

Want to know if sandsiv+ is the right solution for you? Meet our customer experience visionaries at www.sandsiv.com.

The report can be found on forrester.com and is only available for subscribers or purchase. Authors: Faith Adams, Harley Manning, Benjamin Salamin, and Shayna Neuburg.



SANDSIV is a Swiss software provider located in Technopark Zurich, Switzerland’s main technology hub. Listed as a leading VOC vendor in Gartner’s recent VOC Market report, SANDSIV has built its reputation in delivering its state-of-the-art Voice of the Customer enterprise solutions “sandsiv+” to advanced CX teams at leading organizations throughout EMEA, including leading companies in the telco, financial services, utilities, retail and transportation sectors.

About sandsiv+

sandsiv+ captures, analyses, integrates, improves, and measures the customer experience. Introduced in 2014, the next-generation CX platform harmonizes data from any direct or indirect channel, and generates inferred data using artificial intelligence. Its analytical features are built on advanced AI technologies including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Machine Learning, providing for the increasingly unsupervised production of faster and more accurate actionable insights, and allowing organizations to act responsively and plan wisely. The platform supports complex integration, customization and configuration.

Silvia Bello