We explain the keys to a stress-free transition to the use of new technological solutions based on automation, Artificial Intelligence and Voice of the Customer.

In a constantly evolving business world, companies are adjusting their strategy under the so-called Three Ps: from a human (People), economic (Profit), and environmental (Planet) perspective. In recent years, the people pillar has become particularly important and companies are striving to improve both the customer experience and the employee experience.

Since the rise of digitalisation in the 2000s, with the dot-com boom, there has been a generational change in the way work is understood, with technology and innovation taking on a leading role. The big challenge now lies in motivating Generation X (born between 1965 and 1981), and even the first Millennials (1981-1993), to accept automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a natural part of their daily working lives, without it becoming a source of stress and mistrust.

Tangible benefits in daily routines: valuable, real-time information

It is important to convey to employees, especially those who were not born in the digital age, the advantages of technology, not only for your company, but also for their daily work. For example, having an integrated Voice of the Customer (VOC) platform not only simplifies their tasks by having all customer information in one personalised dashboard, it also facilitates strategic decision-making. The fact that employees can access this data themselves easily and in real time, as well as different teams and departments, facilitates their work routine, makes everyone benefit from this information and directly influences their efficiency. This includes the human resources team who, in turn, can use these tools for employee listening and internal company improvement.

Technology to ’empower’ employees

Providing real-time feedback helps employees to do their jobs faster. However, it is also necessary to give them the power to make decisions. Innovative tools such as those that capture and analyse customer feedback through AI are not just another digital tool, but a new perspective on business management. This technology serves to empower employees and allows them to perceive it as a resource that enriches their daily routines.

Offer them personalised training and support

To promote a positive work culture and ensure an anxiety-free transition in the implementation of an unfamiliar tool for employees, it is essential to provide them with effective training. This involves providing a wide variety of options, from self-study tutorials to expert tutorials that help employees feel comfortable incorporating this technology solution into their day-to-day work. It is crucial to have an expert and dedicated team of support professionals capable of assisting in this technology transition, adapting to the individual needs of employees and ensuring a stress-free transition.

Simple integration to create relief, not stress

One of the biggest hurdles companies face is the integration of new technology solutions into employees’ lives as the transition to digital often generates apprehension and concern. According to Federico Cesconi, CEO of SANDSIV, “A fully managed integration solution that is tailored to the needs of each company ensures that employees are not overwhelmed by change. There are tools like sandsiv+ that can really simplify their daily work.”

Thus, motivating employees, in particular those belonging to Generation X, who often experience difficulties when adopting technological innovations in the work environment, becomes a fundamental pillar of business success. This approach not only ensures a smooth transition to automation and AI tools, avoiding anxiety and mistrust, but also establishes a symbiosis between employees’ emotional well-being and Customer Experience excellence.

How to motivate Generation X
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