Roche is a multinational healthcare company and the world’s largest biotech company. It is a leader in research-focused healthcare in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics providing medicines in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and neuroscience.

The goal:

Roche was looking to move away from a purely market-research strategy and become a customer-centric organization to build customer advocacy and loyalty.

The challenge:

As a company that purely focused on costly market research, Roche based much of their marketing and growth strategies on industry trends and third-party findings. This was helpful to a certain extent, but without any direct feedback from their customers, they knew they were missing out on opportunities to provide customised customer experiences and streamlined interactions. 

If they wanted to transform into a customer-centric organization, they would need a solution to streamline the process of capturing critical feedback from their network of doctors and pharmaceutical buyers.

Ivan Barbero – Business Analytics & Customer Insight Leader
sandsiv+ is the perfect fit for Roche that wanted to strengthen the business, enabling a culture of customer-centricity. I appreciate its innovation and the continuous improvements in the self-service capabilities.
Our approach

To successfully transition into a customer-centric organization, Roche sought a Voice of Customer (VoC) that could turn customer data into actionable insights to improve their customer experiences and commercial interactions. That is why Roche partnered with SANDSIV to launch our enterprise VoC solution and analysis tool, sandsiv+. 

sandiv+ is a fully automated customer experience management (CXM) platform that unifies all sources of structured and unstructured customer data into a single repository. 

With the power of big data and customer intelligence, Roche could now unlock valuable business insights into the needs of their doctor and pharmaceutical customers, including:

  • Real time metrics to see the strength and emotional connection of a customer relationship with the brand
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which were plotted along the customer journey so Roche could dive deep into “moments of truth” and decide how to enrich customer touchpoints across channels
  • We also configured the VoC collection and analysis according to the strict compliance and regulatory boundaries


Feedback collection

sandsiv+ captured customer data through direct, indirect, and inferred channels, including internal and external data sources. We used all physical and digital touchpoints, allowing Roche to assess strategic points of the customer journey. We also helped Roche design and implement real-time customer feedback surveys across multiple channels.
Survey & unify


To make effective, profitable use of the data collected by sandsiv+, Roche deployed our suite of detailed, responsive dashboards customised for each decision-maker throughout the organisation. Our VoC Visual dashboards are easy-to-use and provide real-time customer experience results and internal CRM data, so every employee has access to the correct information at the right time.
Roles-based dashboards

Integration & training

sandsiv+ delivered deeply informed, highly responsive insights that helped Roche’s call centres and other customer-facing operations anticipate and meet the needs of their commercial customers. We also worked with Roche to integrate the solution with their existing systems and provide specialized training to customer-facing and internal employees to enable the adoption of a customer-centric approach across the organization.

SANDSIV helped Roche launch their very first corporate VoC campaign where they sent more than 6,000 surveys to their network of doctors, resulting in a 25% response rate.

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