This client is a French multinational firm that is a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management. The company has 153,000 employees serving 105 million clients in 54 countries.

The goal:

The company needed a solution that could help them improve customer advocacy, boost their Net Promoter Score, and transform them into a customer-centric organization.

The challenge:

The company experienced three distinct challenges:

  • Unable to proactively manage interactions across touchpoints
  • Lacked a platform integration that could visualise the customer experience using internal customer relationship management (CRM) platform to properly manage support tickets and cases
  • With no Voice of Customer (VoC) data, they couldn’t create personalized customer experiences
Our approach

The company partnered with SANDSIV to launch our enterprise VoC solution and analysis tool, sandsiv+, a fully automated customer experience management (CXM) platform that unifies all structured and unstructured customer data sources into a single repository. 

With the integration of sandsiv+ into their internal CRM, the company could easily manage customer touchpoints and introduce multichannel surveys after critical interactions, enabling customer profiling and content personalization. This led to many benefits, including:

  • Faster and more accurate root cause analysis for crucial customer pain points across customer experience touchpoints
  • Real-time visibility of all relevant customer KPIs in a centralized management dashboard and mobile app
  • A deep customer-centric culture by infusing their “Net Promoter System” into the organization and launch of NPS governance


Feedback collection

sandsiv+ captured customer data through direct, indirect, and inferred channels, including internal and external data sources. We used all physical and digital touchpoints, allowing the company to assess strategic points of the customer journey. We also helped the company design and implement real-time customer feedback surveys across multiple channels.
Survey & unify


To make effective, profitable use of the data collected by sandsiv+, the company deployed our suite of detailed, responsive dashboards customised for each decision-maker throughout the organisation. Our VoC Visual dashboards are easy-to-use and provide real-time customer experience results and internal CRM data, so every employee has access to the correct information at the right time.
Roles-based dashboards

Integration & training

sandsiv+ delivered deeply informed, highly responsive insights that helped the company’s call centres and other customer-facing operations anticipate and meet the needs of their customers. SANDSIV worked with the company to integrate the solution with its existing systems and provide specialized training to customer-facing and internal employees to enable the adoption of a customer-centric approach across the organization.

The company saw instant data collection and measurement of primary customer KPIs. It took its first concrete steps to create a mature customer experience strategy to bring them into the future.

The sandsiv+ platform was a game-changer for the insurance company because it finally had a way to move detractors towards promoters by delivering relevant and consistent customer experiences. The company could not do this before because it had no customer intelligence and therefore could not transform data into personalised strategies.

With sandsiv+, the company finally had a solution to feed their NPS improvement process  with VoC metrics. The company used the VoC KPIs to identify opportunities for improvement within customer interactions, organize critical workshops to prioritize remedial actions, and assess and monitor the results of their new initiatives.

Because of the insights sandsiv+ provided, the company created its first NPS Committee to remove roadblocks, improve the overall root cause analysis process, and strengthen its customer-centric values across all business units.

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