Don’t settle for data, aim for insights

Unify, match and analyze data from anywhere. Using sandsiv+ you’ll get deeper Customer Intelligence when you need it. A new era begins – you’ll be able to understand your customers, determine new trends, and drive predictability across your team.

Use case growth

One click to unify data and tools

Find and manage everything you need to drive an excellent customer experience program in one place. sandsiv+ connects seamlessly with the CRM, feedback collection and survey platforms you already have.
Use case growth

Let AI do the hard work

Leverage the full capabilities of artificial intelligence, see feedback transformed into actionable insights without the slightest effort on your part. Simply enjoy the results of advanced, predictive and customizable analytics.
Use case growth

Reach new milestones

Make your business intelligence process more efficient: sandsiv+ gives you valuable insights and dynamic visualization tools. Always be ready to identify and develop new business opportunities.

Goals you can achieve with us

A complete customer view

Know your customers better than themselves

Create a complete picture of each customer by organizing all data in a centralized location and providing 360-degree access to customer information, behaviors and expectations.
Easy-to-work Artificial Intelligence

Gain deeper and more strategic insights

Natural language processing (NLP) and deep machine learning give you the ability to get trends, discover patterns, and deliver exceptional experiences in real time.
Actionability for business

Predict the most effective path to your success

Customizable, role-based dashboards and reports help every person in the company act promptly and make more informed, profitable and strategic decisions based on intelligent data and insights.

6 good reasons to choose sandsiv+

Flexibility is the key

Integrate internal customer with external data collected across multiple channels. Gain data insights for each business objective.

Unmatched agility

Maximize your ability to rapidly and continuously evolve your business: responding to and anticipating customer needs and market trends to maintain competitive advantage.

It belongs to everyone

Any team member can easily use sandsiv+ to improve operations and performance.

No brain teasers

You don’t need advanced skills to make it work. Relax with a quick set up and focus only on customer insights with no-code artificial intelligence.

Size doesn’t matter

sandsiv+ has a unique scalability: it can adapt to the growth of your business and expand its functionality according to your needs.

In your own image and likeness

Design sandsiv+ so that it can best fit into your business scenario.
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Federico Teveles – Research Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
sandsiv+ advances customers’ business intelligence to a completely new level, providing customers with a view on what is happening behind the scenes and delivering exceptional value to end-user organizations.

A deep dive into analytics

Learn everything you need to know about how the rapid adoption of augmented analytics and cutting-edge technologies evolves your customer experience.
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