No features will be left out

Take your competitiveness to the next level: an all-in-one solution that integrates all customer data into a holistic view of the voice of the customer. Discover and transform insights into visualized stories that drive action.

Use case growth

A command center to create value

A single platform to capture and archive all customer feedback from any available source and through any channel – both structured and unstructured.
Use case growth

Go ahead with the advanced analysis

Empower your professionals with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Deliver exceptional experiences through automated and accurate real-time analytics.
Use case growth

Reach new milestones

Spread customer intelligence throughout your organization and share actionable insights with your teams to drive effective business results.

Goals you can achieve with us

An exceptional perspective on voices

Advanced analytics

Get all the benefits of advanced real-time analytics to find meaningful insights in customer data.
All customer requests solved

Let the customer be the answer

Closing the loop can become very easy by sharing relevant data to the right person at the right time and on the right channel with end-to-end management.
Use case enterprise
Customer centric

Improve and grow continuously

Execute actions and strategies that exceed customer expectations through deeper customer intelligence. Enhance your customer experience by increasing satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy results.

6 good reasons to choose sandsiv+

Flexibility is the key

Integrate internal with external customer data collected across multiple channels. Achieve data insights for every business objective.

Unmatched agility

Maximize your ability to rapidly and continuously evolve your business: responding to and anticipating customer needs and market trends to maintain competitive advantage.

It belongs to everyone

Any team member can easily use sandsiv+ to improve operations and performance.

No brain teasers

You don’t need advanced skills to make it work. Relax with a quick set up and focus only on customer insights with no-code artificial intelligence.

Size doesn’t matter

sandsiv+ has a unique scalability: it can adapt to the growth of your business and expand its functionality according to your needs.

In your own image and likeness

Design sandsiv+ so that it can best fit into your business scenario.
A1 Telekom Austria Group
Marko Jovic – Senior Customer Experience Manager
A1 Telekom Austria Group
with sandsiv+, we have a ROI-focused technology with all the features needed to enable our vision “Customer Feedback 360” in one VOC platform that allows me and my team to manage a multinational cx project as simple as possible

A deepdive on sandsiv+

Learn everything you need to know about how sandsiv+ evolves your customer experience and get on board with your new customer intelligence platform.
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