Companies are capturing ever-increasing volumes of customer-related data. But this data fails to produce value in proportion to its volume.

Typically, customer knowledge, including the Voice of the Customer across all three voices (direct, indirect and inferred), is stored in separate data silos, and accessed through discrete systems. 

This traditional model fails to yield a truly comprehensive view of the business and its relationship with its customers. We need a new way of unifying all streams of customer knowledge, one that can store and analyze the full range of both structured and unstructured data and perform real-time analytics that generate actionable customer intelligence.

Understanding how existing operational KPI actually align with real customer metrics, will enable the business to make short-term actions and fix issues that negatively impact the customer experience.

What you’ll get inside this white paper:
  • The difference between CRM and CXM and all you need to know about Voice of the Customer; 
  • Overview of sandsiv+ platform and the benefits of an end-to-end CXM solution.
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