sandsiv+ integration with Tag Manager

With a simple call to your Tag Manager, you can now rapidly connect every page of your website with sandsiv+, establishing autonomy from IT development cycles, expediting the introduction of new data-driven initiatives and CX campaigns, and greatly boosting digital experiences.

Gain agility and speed

Simplify the process of managing digital surveys on your owned properties. Instant integrations means fewer limits on your analytics and marketing. Speed up your website page load times for an optimal user experience.

Streamline data collection

Rein in the chaos of managing surveys and get your analytics and marketing programs moving. Spend less time wrangling code and more time innovating.

Innovate on your own schedule

Configure and update surveys in seconds. Break free from the IT development cycle and manage surveys on your own timeline. Instantly create a survey tag that you can preview, activate and deactivate, whenever you need to.
Start growing with sandsiv+ today