A Visionary Alliance Poised to Transform Customer Experiences in MENA

Zurich, Switzerland — 29 April, 2024  — SANDSIV, a renowned global vendor in AI-driven technology for Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) enterprise solutions, today announced the exclusive partnership with CXarabi, renowned for its consultancy services tailored to businesses of all sizes. This strategic alliance merges SANDSIV’s cutting-edge technology with CXarabi’s industry expertise, promising transformative strategies for organizations in the MENA region.

With SANDSIV’s recent establishment of a regional office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the partnership signals a dedicated commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the MENA market. Together with CXarabi’s strategic acumen, this collaboration aims to drive unparalleled growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

At its core, the partnership embodies a commitment to innovation and excellence. By leveraging data-driven intelligence and practical solutions, SANDSIV and CXarabi empower businesses to unlock untapped potential, streamline operations, and elevate customer engagement strategies to new heights.

Beyond merely redefining customer experience, SANDSIV and CXarabi aim to establish a new standard of excellence in the MENA region and beyond. Join us on this journey of transformation as we unlock new possibilities and chart a course towards unparalleled success in the dynamic landscape of customer experience.

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Flash quotes:

As we harness the immense potential of the MENA market, our year-long presence in the region has allowed us to deeply understand market dynamics and craft bespoke technological solutions. Our partnership with CXarabi embodies this value, fortifying our commitment and paving the path for tailored innovations and pioneering solutions” stated Mirko Buonerba, SANDSIV’s Strategic Alliances Manager.

Chris Symiriotis, Founder of CXarabi, added: “SANDSIV’s AI-driven technology, which collects feedback from various touchpoints and translates it into actionable business operations, when combined with our consultancy services, represents a game-changer for businesses in the MENA region.


Company Profiles:

SANDSIV is a pioneering force in AI-driven Customer Experience Management (CXM) enterprise solutions. Through its state-of-the-art sandsiv+ CXM software, SANDSIV empowers businesses worldwide to leverage artificial intelligence for comprehensive customer understanding and exceptional service delivery. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has facilitated the expansion of its partner program and the establishment of a continuously growing global presence. | https://sandsiv.com/

CXarabi is a top consultancy firm in MENA, providing online CX assessment, benchmarking, ISO certification, as well as CX program management and implementation. Specializing in text analytics and customer feedback, they empower businesses with actionable strategies and transformative insights. | https://cxarabi.com/

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SANDSIV: partner@sandsiv.com
CXarabi: Chris Symiriotis – chris@cxarabi.com

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