Automated Data Labelling: Empowering Your Insights

Challenge: Crafting a quality training dataset for CX models is tough. Solution: Our AI now instantly labels feedback, reviews, and comments for swift dataset creation.

  • Instant dataset creation: Accelerates data prep, enabling agile market responses.
  • Competitive edge: Rapid insights for decisive market differentiation.
  • Scalability: Handles varied data volumes, reducing operational barriers.
  • Cost efficiency: Dramatically reduces total ownership costs.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive interface fosters quicker decision-making.

TopicAI module: AI-Powered Topic Detection & Analysis

Challenge: Categorizing feedback sources efficiently remains a hurdle. Solution: Our all-in-one solution creates and applies categorization models effortlessly.

  • Reduced costs: Minimize manual data sorting efforts.
  • Speedy insights: Accelerate data-to-action journey.
  • Scalable handling: Manage more data without extra costs.
  • Accuracy boost: Fine-tune AI for reliable insights.

Customer Journey Analysis & CX Boosters

Challenge: Mapping customer journeys poses CX challenges. Solution: AI analyzes feedback for insights and actionable recommendations.

  • Real-time insights: Swift customer sentiment and touchpoint analysis.
  • Instant value: Rapid enhancement opportunities highlighted.
  • Comprehensive dashboard: Real-time sentiment and touchpoint analytics.
  • Actionable insights: Convert sentiment analysis into impactful actions.
Head of Innovation, Public Sector Organization
‘sandsiv+’s rapid and precise recommendations have been instrumental in our decision-making process. Their comprehensive analysis has empowered us to swiftly identify and act upon areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing our citizens’ experiences.’
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