SaaS Support Agreement


SandSIV’s standard SaaS support service includes:

  • SandSIV Support Centre incl. ticketing platform
  • Original Content, such as Case Studies, White Papers, FAQs and User Manuals 
  • Product releases and updates
  • Business Hours (9am – 5pm CET) excl. Swiss holidays
  • Up to 16 business hours (i.e. 2 business days) response time 


The SandSIV Support Centre is a core component of the support services. All registered users can access this system via The following information can be accessed.

  • Ticketing Platform
    • Users can create new support tickets, review existing tickets and update ticket contents.
  • User Manuals
    • The SandSIV Support Centre contains sections for every product. A group called “manuals” is located within each product section. Users can also access the manuals by using the support centre search engine.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    • The SandSIV Support Centre contains sections for every product. A group called “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” is located within each product section. Users can also access the FAQs also by using the support centre search engine.
  • White Papers and Case Studies
    • The SandSIV Support Centre main page contains links to the most recent White Papers and Case Studies. Additional content is available on our web site:


3.1 Definition

VOC HubTM integrates several different products – VOC FeedbackTM, VOC ClassifyTM, VOC MineTM,  VOC VisualTM, VOC ActTM, VOC AITM – into one state-of-the-art VOC platform. Each product may be used and updated separately. New products may be introduced at any time and older, end-of-life products may be removed or replaced. 

New releases and updates may be of three different types, depending on the severity of the change and the impact on the client. 

  • Major Releases: 
    • Release of many new features as well as significant changes to existing features.
  • Minor Release:
    • Deliver smaller features and changes to existing functionalities. 
  • Hot Fix: 
    • Contains only bug fixes. 

The version of a product is displayed by a combination of 3 numbers; e.g. „1.3.4″. The first number is the major version, the second a service pack and the last is a hot fix. 

The VOC HubTM is a SaaS solution and updates are typically installed for all clients at the same time. Major releases may also include test environments and dedicated test procedures.

SandSIV is not responsible for updates of any 3rd- party products. 

3.2 Release of new updates

SandSIV releases new versions of all products after development tasks are finalised and all necessary tests have been completed. Features and functions included in the new versions are determinate by SandSIV. SandSIV determines the features of each new release and announces the release date of a new version. For every release, release-notes will be provided which contain detailed information about changes and new features.

3.3 Entitlement for updates

All clients using the SaaS products of SandSIV are required to accept all updates of products they have licensed. 

The updating of the products will be performed automatically based on a release schedule determined and announced by SandSIV.

SandSIV reserves the right to invoice separately for any additional effort including any training. 


4.1 Definition

Maintenance tasks for VOC HubTM products are tasks which ensure continuous operations of the system. 

4.1.1 Included maintenance tasks

This Support Agreement covers the following tasks: 

  • Assistance in the case of faults within the VOC HubTM products
  • Checking the operability of the VOC HubTM products

4.1.2 Excluded maintenance tasks

All tasks that are not explicitly covered by this Support Agreement may be charged for on a time and materials basis in accordance with SandSIV’s Master Services Agreement including General Terms and Conditions. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Implementation of additional features; e.g. email or web layouts, reporting, interfaces, data import or data exports
  • Setup of additional surveys, classifiers or other system features which are achievable by client users
  • Configuration and repair of any peripherals or other hardware used in combination with VOC HubTM products
  • Trainings for users or IT professionals
  • Analysis and repair of system settings which have been changed due to user failures
  • Collection and maintenance of data of any kind
  • Data protection and backup in case the client hosts the VOC HubTM products on their own infrastructure
  • Any on-site presence of SandSIV employees
  • Data analysis and reporting of any kind which are not related to the maintenance tasks
  • Failure analysis, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc. of third-party systems

4.2 Periods of service / response times

4.2.1 Standard periods of service

The standard periods of service of the support department are Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm CET excl. official holidays in Zurich / Switzerland. During this time, the support department of SandSIV is available and will respond to incoming requests. 

4.2.2 Response times

Investigation of incidents reported via the SandSIV Support Centre during the standard periods of service will be started within the following times: 

Response time for clients is up to 16 business hours, which equals 2 business days.

Within the aforementioned response time, a qualified SandSIV Support Agent will review the issue and begin the qualification process. This may include a first resolution of the issue or even the final resolution; however, a final resolution depends in many cases on feedback from client departments and 3rd-parties’ systems. These systems are not under the control of SandSIV and therefore SandSIV cannot guarantee a full resolution time for requests.


Phone support is not available for clients within SandSIV’s standard support service. 


Premium support packages are available on request for an additional fee and can include, amongst other things:  

  • Dedicated technical support manager 

  • On-site support
  • Project management support
  • Scheduled client visits and status calls
  • Integration planning & additional training
  • Priority one support resolution
  • Support and project reporting
  • Priority consultants
  • Priority change requests
  • New product Beta testing on Sandbox platform


The duties of the client include all services and tasks necessary to fulfill the obligations of the agreement between the client and SandSIV. This includes: 

  • user and administrator product training
  • providing the necessary resources including employees, system maintenance time, documentation and other work equipment required to fulfill the maintenance contracts and tasks
  • compliance with system usage policies; e.g. data protection and security policies as well as manuals
  • documentation of incidents and system errors and providing details of these as soon as possible to SandSIV support for further analysis
  • where the customer hosts an on-premises system, it is outside the scope of the services described in this document.

SandSIV is only obliged to provide services if the client fulfills these duties.

7.1 Key Technology Assumptions

Key assumptions are made during the resolution of a support issue regarding the client’s internal technical infrastructure. 

  • The client is responsible for the purchase and installation of third party applications.
  • The client will provide SandSIV staff access to existing systems as required for support and in alignment with the Agreement.
  • SandSIV is not responsible for advanced database, operating system and network configuration and/or troubleshooting which are outside the scope of this Support Agreement. 

This exclusion includes, but is not limited to:

  • Workstation connectivity to the Internet.
  • Web Server set-up and troubleshooting.
  • Router/Switch testing.
  • Database Optimisation, Partitions, or Replication.
  • DNS problems.
  • Database Replication.
  • SSL configuration.
  • Windows and/or any other OS Installation or Optimisation.
  • Network backup or appliance management. 
  • Remote Access Terminals or Customer/server configuration.
  • TCP/IP configuration.
  • Technical environment operations.
  • SandSIV is not responsible for configuring or troubleshooting problems related to Customer LAN/WAN that affect the operation of SandSIV products and services. 

This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Router troubleshooting
  • TCP/IP configuration
  • DNS issues
  • Scheduled maintenance and backups


SandSIV’s standard support service is included in the VOC HubTM SaaS fee. 

8.1 Invoiced according to time and materials

All work, which is not covered by this Support Agreement, will be invoiced on a time and materials basis. 

8.2 Expenses

Expenses are not included and will be invoiced to the client. Expenses related to travel, lodging and meals are charged separately on a monthly basis or directly paid by the Client – aligned with the Client’s Travel & Entertainment policies provided for Client’s senior management.