Event extravaganza:

Be part of the largest CX gathering in Cameroon! From compelling presentations to thought-provoking panels, exclusive networking sessions, and groundbreaking B2B CX Exposition—it’s an all-encompassing experience that transcends traditional summits.

DATE: Tue, October 6/7th, 2023

SANDSIV Spotlight:
🎤 Sandsiv takes the stage as a distinguished speaker, unraveling the secrets of CX excellence. Explore our booth, where cutting-edge technology meets immersive experiences, revolutionizing the CX landscape.

CX Revolution Hub:
💡 This summit is the epicenter of CX transformation in Cameroon, where industry pioneers exchange ideas, harness best practices, and collectively define the future. The 2023 Customer Service Week is your passport to the forefront of CX evolution.

Don’t just attend; ignite your CX journey at the 2023 Cameroon Customer Experience Summit & Expo. Join us for an adventure where innovation, experience, and the future of CX collide! Secure your spot now! 🎉

For all inquiries please contact Customer Experience Touchpoints:

Tel: +237 651 781 862 / +237 233 471 573
Email: events@cx-touchpoints.com

LANGUAGE: English / French
LOCATION: Douala, Cameroon