Fastweb, a leading player in the Italian telecommunications industry, is an exemplary innovation-oriented company. “Care” is one of the fundamental values of Fastweb’s Vision, aiming to create value for all stakeholders by paying attention to the needs of customers and employees every day and in every activity of the company.

The goal:

In 2013 Fasyweb wanted to run a scalable and automated relation and transactional NPS collection for Customer Experience / Loyalty improvement with btc and btb customers.They were searching for a solution to support the program and has identified sandsiv + as the VoC and Customer data analytics partner and Voice of Customer (VoC) platform provider. 

The challenge:

The challenge posed by Fastweb in 2013 was to improve customer focus, with the aim of ensuring consistent experiences, communication effectiveness and service quality on customer relationships. The creation of Customer Centricity was the catalyst for designing and starting up a customer-experience transformation.

Fastweb’s aim was to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and expand the customer base through transversal experience improvement actions.

Marco Narduzzi – Innovation & Quality Officer
SANDSIV’s Customer Experience solution was one of the elements that allowed Fastweb to quickly transform itself into a customer-centric organization. The high increase in customer satisfaction (measured by NPS) is reflected in the excellent results in terms of customer growth and turnover.
Our approach

Fastweb found in SANDSIV a valuable partner in achieving the best Customer Experience. The sandsiv+ platform made it possible to implement an effective Omnichannel system to capture, collect and analyze customer feedback in real time. The Voice of the Customer platform modules are particularly suited to Fastweb’s needs, as they offer a user friendly and flexible environment:

  • Working through multiple channels (web, e-mail, SMS) and also make it possible to gradually expand and customize the available functions
  • Italian mother tongue team of experts for the development of the strategic and operational
  • Professional services to speed up the technology adoption
  • CX maturity assessment
  • Setup of NPS and VOC analysis as an overall framework for identifying and improving CX
  • Improvement of key customer journeys and consolidation of CJ based culture
  • Identification and quick wins for main customer pain points
  • Inner close-the-loop


Active users

SaaS VoC Platform deployed in SANDSIV’S data center. Management policies are applied to identify admin users and viewers and differentiate access on the platform.
Tailored to your needs


Surveys are designed and configured according to the customer journey and results are collected in a way to show the end-to-end experience. It is also used for automatic and manual list upload. Based on contact information needs the surveys are sent via email or via SMS; the integration with the company website is forthcoming.
Better customer data with surveys

Dashboards & close the loop

The self-service dashboarding and reporting is used to explore and analyze the collected information in order to identify insights for outer close-the-loop and transformation. Each survey results are presented in dedicated dashboards showing the trends.
Analysis and reporting

Professional & managed services

Standard services like the setup and configuration of the platform, implementation of integrations with application map systems and SMS gateway. To speed up the delivery, SANDSIV provided the initial set of relational and transactional multichannel surveys: set of survey templates, text and sentiment classification models, set of default graphs and reports. Training to the marketing/CX department was provided. The project is managed by a dedicated project/customer success manager leading a team of functional and technical specialists.

Fastweb has been measuring and improving customer experience since 2013 in collaboration with SANDSIV. According to Fastweb executives, SANDSIV has played an important role in the success of the program, which has resulted in a leading customer experience evidenced by a positive NPS, which is on average +15% higher than competitors.

They are using the platform to efficiently and automatically manage feedback from multiple sources and channels along the entire customer journey including wireline and mobile and across all customer types. Fastweb especially rates the self-service capabilities, usability and the flexibility and integrability of the platform with their IT ecosystem. We also deliver ongoing research benchmarking the Fastweb customer experience against competitors and other CX leaders.

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