Our client is a leading Swiss provider of consumer finance products and services. The employees from 40 countries offer personal loans, auto loans and leases, and insurance services along with credit cards and deposit and savings products to the firm’s 1 million customers.

The bank operates throughout Switzerland through a network of branches and maintains a robust online presence. Its partners include credit card and retail companies, and independent intermediaries.

The goal:

Achieve a deep and nuanced understanding of customer preferences and relevant consumer trends.

The challenge:

Implement a robust VOC platform with the flexibility to capture and measure customer feedback from a variety of touchpoints, the power to create complex, dynamic surveys, and the contextual sensitivity to deliver actionable insights throughout a complex organisation whose business requirements are constantly changing.

Our approach

Our solution preserved the continuity of business operations while delivering its new VOC platform within two weeks of sign-off. Challenges specific to the client implementation included:

  • Replacement existing survey platform with the sandsiv+ VOC solution
  • Identification of each key touchpoint along the customer journey
  • Implementation of the full sandsiv+ platform and calibration of its data-gathering tools to the previously identified touchpoints
  • Design and configuration of web-based and SMS customer surveys, including invitations, each reflecting corporate identity through custom messaging and branding
  • Development of role-based dashboards calibrated to provide relevant and actionable insights to the company, division heads, and team leads
  • Consultation with internal legal, IT, and process teams to ensure that its procedural frameworks reflected all standards and regulations regarding data protection and security relative to the sandsiv+ implementation


Feedback collection

The clients chose SANDSIV to replace its survey system, the bank sought a survey platform that was dynamic and responsive. Because sandsiv+ is highly configurable, we were able to implement the pop-up survey in exact accordance with clients’ wishes. The clients wished to strengthen its ability to gather the direct voice of its customers who had contacted its call centres. These surveys were to be sent 24 hours after each call, and were to be delivered in the customer’s choice of Italian, German, or French.


To make effective, profitable use of the data collected by sandsiv+, we offer a suite of detailed, responsive dashboards customised for each decision-maker throughout the organisation.

Integration & training

sandsiv+ delivers deeply informed, highly responsive insights that help call centres and other customer-facing operations anticipate and meet the needs of customers. Some integration with existing systems and special training of its staff, both customer-facing and internal was required.

In just two weeks after our agreement, SANDSIV delivered a VOC platform that gives our client a comprehensive understanding of their customers. The entire system is fully compliant with every financial-services regulation to which the company is subject.

The Swiss bank and its CX team continue to adapt and refine its best practices using sandsiv+, and to strengthen customer retention.

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