We discuss the new Artificial Intelligence innovations that will transform the Customer Experience discipline into the new Human Experience by 2024.

The year 2023 has marked a significant milestone in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its relationship with Customer Experience (CX). In this context, Federico Cesconi, CEO of SANDSIV, explains how “in 2024 innovative advances such as AI, Machine Learning or data analysis will transform the brand-customer relationship into a much more global strategy, turning, paradoxically, towards a much more human and holistic approach, where people will be the central axis of companies under the name of ‘Human Experience‘”.

The new holistic concept of ‘Human Experience’

In recent months, the transformative potential of these innovations has redefined the relationship between brands and customers, fundamental to understanding, improving and enhancing the human experience. This concept focuses on how brands must understand human needs, emotions and complex human behaviours to deliver more emotional and personalised interactions.

Looking ahead to 2024, the convergence between AI and human experience is expected to become even more relevant as brands seek to establish deeper connections with their customers. SANDSIV, lists 3 new AI-based functionalities that digital customer listening tools should integrate for the move towards that Human Experience:

1.Automation and data tagging to identify trends: Data tagging automation has become an essential tool for companies. This process involves automatically assigning tags or categories to large sets of information, such as customer feedback or product reviews. Brands using this technology, which has already been included in the sandsiv+ platform, will be able to quickly classify their product reviews as positive, neutral or negative and thus identify emerging trends in their market.
2.Automatic identification of the most relevant topics: Detecting relevant topics within huge volumes of customer data is still a challenge for companies. Brands can now apply categorisation models to identify customer interactions immediately, allowing them to predict and resolve critical topics in real time. The Topic AI module that sandsiv+ has integrated could, for example, enable a telecommunications company to detect potential technical issues, billing queries or requests for additional services, allowing agents to address their work more efficiently.
3.Customer sentiment analysis through customer experience mapping: The ability to analyse the entire customer experience from first contact with the brand to post-purchase is a powerful tool to better understand the customer’s needs and feelings throughout the Customer Journey. This technique uses AI to examine and understand the pain points a customer has with a company in real time and offers recommendations for improvements to make their experience memorable.

In this context, brands have realised the importance of connecting emotionally with customers by understanding their wants and needs using technology as an ally. “Since our founding, the integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has been a crucial component in all aspects of our solutions,” said Federico Cesconi, who assured that AI will revolutionise the way companies connect with their customers, allowing them to truly understand them and offer them that human experience that will be key to future business success.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Experience
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