What joy does it bring me to see you have kept my little old letters! I can barely believe it has been nearly 10 years since we began listening to the Voice of the Children! Ho ho ho

Only recently have I found out that there was an actual ranking of organizations based on their Customer Experience maturity level, (which we fondly call “Child Experience”) and with the help of my smart reindeer and our newly empowered elves (more on this later): I can proudly say that we have finally achieved true “CX Excellence”. Though I am not familiar with what this entails, Rudolph, my guiding red light, has informed me to my delight that this means we are back on track to having 1.9 billion snotnoses believing in Santa once again. Ho ho ho.

Since our accession into CX excellence, Rudolph, whom I recently promoted from Chief Customer Officer to Chief Child Experience Officer, has reported a new surge in Christmas spirit across the globe, and with the highest levels of Christmas loyalty and satisfaction we’ve ever seen, I feel comfortable knowing that Amazon will have to cut prices for Christmas time once again should they want come play with me. Ho ho ho!

As modern Children’s Experience Management became an integral part of our Christmas spirit, our elves have become so determined to hear each child’s wish and whim we even struggled to get them to focus on building toys instead of (over)reacting to each piece of information we gather. As much as I’d love it to be the case, these elves don’t share a collective unconscious, and each one insisted on being informed, individually, of every child’s specific criticism – especially now that we’ve been able to produce real-time actionable Santa smarts from millions of little voices across 700+ languages.

While I was happy to hear that they strived for this level of Child-centricity, I became worried that this process might become a little convoluted and ineffective for our scale (remember my target, 1.9 billion?). To remedy the situation I’ve designated reindeer “Prancer”, our office socialite, as CPO (our Chief Present Operator) to realign their priorities. As a good friend of the elves and a loyal companion of mine, we made swift work of the issue and successfully streamlined our toymakers to achieve the success you hear of today. But fret not, we had to agree to keep them up to date on even the freshest Santa Smarts collected.

However, there is one issue that remains unresolved.

Rudolph, for all his intelligence and problem-solving skills, has been throwing what we like to call here in the Christmas workshop a ‘Frosty’ over the subject of data privacy and security (Get it? Cause he is having a meltdown? Ho ho ho

It all began when he mentioned that there are over 100 different data privacy and security legislations across the globe, and, although I assured him that we aren’t doing anything wrong (I should mention I’ve been using these letters as kindling since I can remember. Gas isn’t getting any cheaper here either) he’s begun panicking about fantastical things such as “secure hosting” and “private clouds” ever since. I’ll tell you, I haven’t seen his nose this red since we got caught in traffic on Christmas Eve! He shared this problem with my staff, and after having met with more than a hundred local authorities, my cherry-nosed friend managed to find a solution: a private Santa Cloud at the North Pole! 

Though I insisted the weather here was bad enough, Rudolph wouldn’t have it and pushed me to inform myself on the subject- but I sure would like to see how they’ll get the letters up there in the first place.

As it seems to be quite complicated, at least for me, I wonder whether SANDSIV would be able to support Rudolph with this project in time before the Easter Bunny rears his toothy face.

Once again I eagerly await the next ‘magical’ solution you have for us.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Your friend,

Santa Claus


Dear Santa,

As always we are delighted to hear from you, and of your success in achieving true CX Excellence.

In regards to your concern, I am pleased to inform you that sandsiv+ is the only VOC solution built on a modern architecture, which, thanks to the flexibility expected from such an innovative enterprise solution, is capable of being deployed to any public or private cloud you deem necessary for your business, as well as on-premises should you require it. The North Pole is no exception!

Please tell Rudolph to schedule a meeting with us so we may plan for the migration of your existing solution to your private “Santa Cloud” and answer any other questions he might have.

I can assure you that we can accomplish this task before Easter, but I will make sure to give you (or Rudolph) more details after our next meeting,

With best regards and warm season greetings,

Merry Christmas from the entire SANDSIV team.

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