Train your employees

We want to ensure your self-service and cost-effective use of the sandsiv+ Voice of the Customer platform by training all your employees with self-study tutorials, webinars, and face-to-face sessions.

Professional training

Swiss approach

Our training programme is structured and professional – it ensures that customers can use the platform independently after just a few days.
From the basics

Get started on your own!

A simple online training module allows you to manage the platform immediately and independently, without vendor assistance
Scale sandsiv+ across your organization
A complete program

Many ways to learn

Interactive and self-paced tutorials helping you unlock the sandsiv+ potential within your organisation. Private-sessions and support packages available based on customer demand. Periodic live streaming events for asking questions and diving further into the sandsiv+ world.
Voice of the Customer software sandsiv+
Federico Teveles – Research Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
SANDSIV has created an easy-to-use solution that allows customers to maximize the capabilities of its technology. Through a simple online training module, customers can rapidly deploy, customize, and manage the platform on their own, without vendor assistance.

Effectively train all employees

For everyone

All users of the platform will benefit from our quality self-paced training programme – from CX Managers to Data Analysts and Agents checking their dashboards. Each different level of your organization can make the most from SANDSIV for their business needs.

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We have a team dedicated to your success

The customer success team

Our team has a long and deep experience on how to handle clients, thay will be able to support and guide the whole process.

We speak your language

Our Customer Success team is multilingual and will adapt to your employees’ needs.

All-star professionals

Senior, Forrester-certified customer experience professionals specializing in methodology and data analysis.
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