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Create a data supply chain built on SandSIV’s VOC Hub™ big-data technologies. Capture, analyse, integrate and measure omni-channel feedback from multiple sources and act in real time on customer insights.



Capture the Voice of the Customer from ANY available source, channel and in multiple languages or formats.


Analyze data with a mix of both, quantitative and qualitative measures, to interpret VoC and explore all possible topics and issues that matter to customers


Integrate findings –  communicate the right insights and information to the right people at the right time.


Improve the bottom line – swiftly act on the information you have to recover detractors, move passives, and activate promoters.


Measure the customer experience and make VOC intelligence part of the regular flow of information that drives action and business decisions.

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Accessing limitless customer insights

Harvest meaningful insights from your feedback ecosystem to gain tremendous returns for your company – embrace the power of next-generation deep machine learning, advanced natural language processing and neural computation to perform unsupervised topic detection, automated categorisation & classification, language agnostic sentiment analysis and much more.



Manage complex analysis with easy-to-use, intuitive and flexible graphic user interfaces

“SandSIV’s enterprise software solution was built from the outset to seamlessly collect, store, analyse and act upon all forms of customer feedback – direct, indirect and inferred. At its heart is a scalable big data platform that connects with purpose-built advanced analytics, as well as cross-channel & multi language surveying and reporting toolsets.”

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Drive customer experience, increase profits, reduce customer churn and boost lifetime value.

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